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Redskins New Head Coach Bracket: (5) Ray Horton vs. (12) Mack Brown

First Round of The Washington Redskins Next Head Coach Tournament

Ray Horton (5)

Current Position: Defensive Coordinator of Browns

Specialty: Defense

  • Former Cornerback for Bengals and Cowboys

  • Was a defensive assistant (1994-1996) for the Redskins under Norv Turner

  • Was the defensive backs coach with the Bengals (1997-2001) and Lions (2002-2003)

  • Was the assistant defensive backs coach with the Steelers (2004-2006) and was promoted to the defensive backs coach (2007-2010)

  • Was the Defensive Coordinator of the Cardinals (2011-2012) under Ken Whisenhunt and was in the mix for the Cardinals head coaching position when Whisenhunt was fired.

  • Became the Defensive Coordinator of the Cleveland Browns after leaving the Cardinals.

  • Lots of experience and has coached some very tough defensive units.

Mack Brown (12)

Current Position: Head Coach of Texas Longhorns

Specialty: Offense

  • Was the Wide Receivers coach at Florida State (1973-1974), Southern Miss (1975-1977). Memphis Stat (1978), and Iowa State (1979).

  • Was the Offensive Coordinator at Iowa State (1980-1981)

  • Was the quarterbacks coach at LSU (1982)

  • Was the Head Coach of Appalachian State (1983) after being passed up on the Head Coaching job at LSU.

  • Was the Offensive Coordinator at Oklahoma (1984)

  • Was the Head Coach of Tulane (1985-1987), North Carolina (1988-1997), and Texas (1998-2013).

  • Won the BCS National Championship in 2006.

  • His regular season record 243–119–1 (.671) and in Bowls he is 13–7 (.650)
  • Lots of success in College, but has never coached at the NFL level.

Feel free to add any additional information/stories about either candidate in the comments section and it may be added to their bio.

Redskins Coaching Bracket