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Sunday Slop: Game Day vs Falcons

A look at the top Redskins stories as Kirk Cousins gets ready for his first start of the season.

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Point-Counterpoint: Redskins QB Switch | CSN Washington

If Mike Shanahan is indeed on his way out of Washington, he sure is leaving with a bang. He has pulled star quarterback Robert Griffin III for the final three meaningless games of the season and installed Kirk Cousins as the starter.

Is Darrel Young Key to the Redskins Rushing Attack | CSN Washington

Fullback Darrel Young is expected to return to the field Sunday against Atlanta, and with it, perhaps the return of the Redskins dominant run game.

Redskins 5 Keys to the game versus the Falcons |

A look at the 5 things the Redskins need to do to beat the Falcons and what they can work on for next year.

Redskins Game Day: 10 Thoughts | ESPN Redskins Blog

1. If I'm Robert Griffin III, I'm wondering why the Redskins became worried about my health before a game against a bad defense that doesn't apply much pressure - yet left me in to face a good defense in bad field conditions the previous week.

Redskins Mailbag: Part 2 | ESPN Redskins Blog

Don't believe the report that Dan Snyder doesn't want to fire Shanahan due to money |

Redskins and Falcons share record and little else | Washington Times Redskins Journal

Shanahan's comments could make it harder to get a 1st for Cousins | Pro Football Talk

Regardless, talking about getting a first-round pick for Cousins could make it harder to get a first-round pick for Cousins. These are high-stakes negotiations, driven by all sorts of subtleties and tells. The rookie wage scale has made first-round picks even more valuable to the teams that have them.

Week 15 Previews and Predictions: NFC East |