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What Falcons Player Would You Want on the Redskins today?

An open discussion on who could help the 3-10 Redskins the most from the Falcons.

Oh look, a Redskin player missing a tackle.
Oh look, a Redskin player missing a tackle.
Patrick Smith

Well, this is going to be quite embarrassing. There's not a lot I know about the Falcons' roster except the aging guys I wouldn't want: Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzalez, Jonathan Babineaux, Roddy White, and Steven Jackson.

Two of the standouts are:

Julio Jones (WR) - Jones only played in five games this year after under going foot surgery.

Desmond Trufant (CB) - Trufant is probably the best player in the secondary right now, and as a rookie first-round pick he's probably got the most potential as well.

Anyone else I miss besides Arthur Blank?