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The Washington Redskins Next Head Coach Tournament

A fun way to gather as much information on coaching candidates around both the NFL and NCAA football.

The writing is on the wall. In fact, it could probably be chiseled into the foundation of the wall. Mike Shanahan will not be the head coach of the Washington Redskins next year. Shocking, I know. There are enough media outlets picking up on the Redskins stories that I don't need to get into any of it. I'd rather just look to the future.

The other day, I threw around an idea on Twitter that received a lot of positive feedback. With all the talk of who should be the next head coach of the Washington Redskins, why don't we pit all these candidates against each other in a tournament to find out who Redskins Nation would choose as the new leader of their beloved football team? You're all familiar with NCAA March Madness, right? Well, it'll be very similar to that.

After writing down all the suggestions from my followers, in addition to reading who is being proposed at Hogs Haven, I have come up with a 64-man bracket of individuals who at least a few have defended as the next Redskins Head Coach. Over the next few weeks, short articles on each match-up will be presented in a UFC-style Tale-of-the-tape that lists tidbits about each coach and culminates in a vote. Obviously, the winner will move to the next round. You can defend your vote in the comments section.

Are there 64 potential candidates for the job? Probably not. Will this remotely have an impact on the Redskins search? Probably not (although, didn't we have something to do with Jim Fassel being taken out of consideration a few years back?). This is just for fun and will give everyone an opportunity/forum to stand on the table for "their" guy all while being an excellent resource in collecting as much information on coaches around both the NFL and NCAA. It'll either give you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge on these coaches or give you the opportunity to learn about ones you aren't as familiar with. Either way, win/win.

The 64-man bracket has been broken down into 4 blocks, each with it's own 16-seed system. The blocks are as follows:

Block A


Block B


Block C


Block D


I will enjoy watching how this unfolds.