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Which Player is Leader of the Redskins Right Now?

With RGIII inactive the rest of the season, who now is the leader for this Redskins team? Or does it matter?

Patrick McDermott

Throughout the season, SB Nation queues up some sponsored posts where we apply the theme of a product, company, etc to our beloved Redskins. What a great timing for me to have to post one on which player is the leader of the pack! Sigh.

In previous years where times were bad like this, I'd say it was the fans, but even now Fedex Field is a ghost town (understandably...I am one of them).

So, let's look at the candidates:

  • Robert Griffin III (clipboard version) - Former Packers GM, Andrew Brandt, just penned a gem of an article explaining the dysfunction in D.C. He believes, and I agree, that the benching is a penalty of RGIII's insubordination and bad play. Bruce Allen is keeping Snyder in  check allowing Shanahan to continue makes roster moves as he sees fit. 
    Via ESPN, "I do not think this is a move by Shanahan to get himself fired; I think this is a move to try to put a player in his place because Shanahan perceives him as (1) becoming bigger than he should and (2) not playing well. To me, this decision speaks to a demotion of Griffin for both on-field and off-field reasons rather than an admission of error in playing him last January and rushing him back for a subpar 2013 season."
  • London Fletcher - Perry Riley leads the team in tackles and Fletcher has been coming off the field more for rests.
  • Kirk Cousins - I don't think I've ever heard of a backup QB being a leader. There was also the time his teammates had to have an intervention with him to stop sayin "TEAM!"
  • Trent Williams, Barry Cofield, and Reed Doughty are the other team captains, who haven't said much this season (can't blame them).

Anyone know the answer?