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Kirk Cousins to start Sunday, Robert Griffin to be Inactive

Redskins appear to be sitting Robert Griffin III for the rest of the season and will go with Kirk Cousins.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

Well the rumors appear to be true. Everyone is reporting that Kirk Cousins will start this Sunday versus the Falcons and Robert Griffin III will be inactive.

From CSN Washington:

Mike Shanahan is expected to name Kirk Cousins as the Redskins' starting quarterback for this Sunday's game against the Atlanta Falcons, Comcast SportsNet's Tarik El-Bashir has confirmed with a team source. Reports also say RG3 will be inactive for the game.

This obviously opens up any number of questions going forward. Here is a quick look at some things for people to discuss today: (I'm adding some fun ones because as Redskins fans we need to laugh)

-Will Mike Shanahan now be fired before the season is over?

-If he is fired, do the Redskins go back to Griffin and make this situation even messier?

-What are Shanahan's real motives for making this move? Is it a message to Griffin? A message to Snyder? Or Does he really care about Griffin's health for the next HC of the team?

-What will this move mean for the offense? Do we see any Pistol or Read Option? Does Morris find more or less running room?

-If Cousins plays at a high level what does that mean for next year? (either for the Redskins or another team)

-If Cousins struggles or the Redskins continue not to win, what does that mean going forward? Should the Redskins go back to Griffin? Do they go to Grossman?

-What is the real state of the lockerroom at this point?

-What are the long term risks with this move? Possible QB controversy? Griffin Demanding a trade? Fracturing the Lockerroom? etc.

-How will Griffin handle it in the press conference today?

-Will Mike Shanahan answer a single question at his press conference today?

-What's the over/under on the number of questions Shanahan avoids?

-How many reporters does Mike Shanahan try to mock to change the story?

-What were the Vegas odds on RGIII losing his job (for this season) before Keith Burns? (And does anyone have a time machine?)

-Will Mike Shanahan (or RGIII) use the phrase "Operation Patience" to describe this debacle?

-Does RGIII still want to go to war with these guys?

-How much is Dan Snyder selling advertising for the back screen of the press conference today?

-Is it more or less than the rate of a Super Bowl commercial?

Let us know your thoughts to these questions and this situation in the comments!