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Fantasy Football Players to Start or Sit: Week 15

Sean Patterson continues the "Start or Sit" segment and offers advice for Fantasy Football players on who should be in their line-ups week 15. Sean notes the teams that have favorable schedules down the stretch as well.

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It is championship time fantasy players! If you are ever having some issues with your line-ups, like who to start between a guy you drafted high with a bad match-up and an ok player with a great match-up, I always go with the better player. Teams are playing for the playoffs in the NFL right now and the great ones tend to step up. So if you are stuck between two guys, remember the guy you drafted high and is a stud. Remember, if you have concerns about specific players, feel free to leave a comment with your player concern or tweet (@Spatters91) me and I will try to help you out.

Guys to Start:

Shane Vereen: (MUST START) Miami has given up the 8th most fantasy points to running backs this season, but that is not why you need to start Vareen. With Rob Gronkowski out for the remainder of the season, Vareen could become a fantasy monster in the passing game. The Patriots do not have a tight end to replace Gronk and their receivers struggle with drops. Vareen could continue to have these two touchdown games with not a lot of competition for targets.

Cam Newton: The Jets have given up the 11th most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season. Cam had a slight set back in New Orleans, but the Jets are not going to have such an easy time with Cam this week. The Jets offense is struggling and Cam is playing smart this season. Cam can pick on the Jets defensive backs with his arm and run around for a few extra fantasy points. (Also, keep rolling with guys like Foles and Rivers with their good match ups.)

Pierre Garcon: The Falcons have given up the 15th most fantasy points to wide receivers this season. Garcon is a very strong play in PPR formats, regardless of the quarterback situation. Garcon has had 5+ catches in every game this season. That is insane. He could have a big game against the Falcons in non-PPR formats, but he could have an amazing day in PPR formats.

DeSean Jackson: The Vikings have given up the 3rd most fantasy points to wide receivers this season and this game is in a dome. DeSean Jackson and the Eagles offense are rolling. The Vikings are done and the Eagles need this win. DeSean should have a big game and Nick Foles will is playing insanely well. Jackson will be a great start in the semi-finals of the payoffs.

Greg Olsen: The Jets have given up the 7th most fantasy points to Tight Ends this season. Cam Newton is playing smart and checking down when he needs to. Greg Olsen is much better in PPR formats, but the Jets are a mess and Olsen should have himself a nice day. Cam looks for his tight end in the end zone, and that should not change against the Jets.

Guys to Sit:

Zac Stacy: The Saints have given up the 10th fewest fantasy points to running backs this season. Most importantly, this game is in New Orleans. Stacey has slowed in production and quarterback Kellen Celmons is not helping the situation. Stacey is a great running back, but the Saints at home are a completely different team. Stacy could be a good play against Tampa Bay next week, but the Saints defense is nasty under Rob Ryan. The Saints do not lose at home.

Le'Veon Bell: The Bengals have given up the 4th fewest fantasy points to running backs this season. Bell has proven to be an excellent running back this season, but the Bengals have a nasty defense. Bell still has some value in a PPR format, but if you need him to score, you might be out of luck. Bell will be a must start in the championship week against the Green Bay Packers.

Bobby Rainey: The 49ers have given up the 13th fewest fantasy points to running backs this season. Rainey has had some big games this season, but he is not likely to break a big one off against a tough defense, like the 49ers. Rainey could be clutch in week 16 in the flex, but I would stay away from him this week.

Victor Cruz: The Seahawks have given up the fewest fantasy points to wide receivers this season. The Giants offense has been pretty inconsistent this season, and Cruz has suffered for it. Cruz was a dominant receiver last season, and the Pro-Bowl wide receiver is not having another monster year. He could be playable against Detroit in week 16, but Cruz’s upside is severely limited.

T.Y. Hilton: Houston has given up the 3rd fewest fantasy points to wide receivers this season. Hilton has been very inconsistent since Reggie Wayne went onto injured reserve earlier in the year. Hilton had a huge game against the Texans last time they met, and he could again, but it is a huge gamble. Hilton has had bad games in bad match-ups and the Colts offensive line is struggling. I would not trust Hilton in a do or die situation like the playoffs.

Teams Schedules Over the Next 2 Weeks (15, 16):


Eagles: @MIN, CHI- It’s the NFC North, with unimpressive defenses. Detroit is a good team, but it should work out for your fantasy players

Cowboys: GB, @WAS- all of these defenses give up rushing yards and points to wide receivers

Seahawks: @NYG, ARI- Seahawks can crush anyone

Packers: @DAL, PIT- This is good for fantasy if Rodgers is back

Dolphins: NE, @BUF- Pretty favorable schedule to RBs and WRs, not sure if any of them can be trusted

Bills: @JAX, MIA- That is pretty easy on whichever running back is the guy these days

Bengals: @PIT, MIN- Pretty easy schedule, divisional games are messy though

Cleveland: CHI, @NYJ- This is a pretty sweet schedule for your wide receivers, but that is about it.

Chiefs: @OAK, IND- Indy is the only tough one, but Jamal Charles will chew all of them up anyways.

Chargers: @Den, OAK- Those are pretty weak defenses


Redskins: @ATL, DAL

Buccaneers: SF, @STL- SF is the tough one

Falcons: WAS, @SF- San Fran is not going to be pleasant for your fantasy teams

49ers: @TB, ATL

Rams: NO, TB- Arizona and New Orleans have been tough on the pass

Bears: @CLE, @PHI- Cleaveland is tough on offenses

Lions: BAL, NYG- Baltimore and New York are tough on wr’s.

Texans: @IND, DEN: Indy is a tough one

Titans: ARI, @JAX- Arizona is a nasty one for CJ2k and the wideouts

Steelers: CIN, @GB- Bengals are the tough one, other two aren’t so bad

Ravens: @DET, NE- This should be good for Torrey Smith at least

Broncos: SD, @HOU- Denver is impervious to match-ups.

Raiders: KC, SD- The Chiefs are the tough one, but none of the Raiders are that fantasy reliable.

Not Favorable:

Giants: SEA, @DET- Seattle and Detroit are tough for a bad offense

Panthers: NYJ, NO

Saints: @STL, @CAR- Panthers are tough, but the Rams should be okay.

Cardinals: @TEN, @SEA- Those are really tough defenses.

Vikings: PHI, @CIN- Philly is the only one that is not tough in there.

Patriots: @MIA, @BAL- Dolphins could be good for your fantasy guys

Jets: @CAR, CLE- The Jets are a mess for the most part

Colts: HOU, @KC- Yowza, Houston is the least scary of these defenses. That’s not good.

Jaguars: BUF, TEN- These are all home games, but the Bills are the only nice defense.