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Redskins vs Giants - Prediction Time

It's never easy predicting a game when two bad, sub .500 teams play.

Scott Cunningham

As I mentioned in this week's game preview article, a few stats stand out that make it hard for me to pick the Redskins:

  • Skins lead the NFL in missed tackles
  • They have one of the worst special teams in the NFL
  • Redskins are last in NFL in average field position (22.7-yard line).
  • In Eli's first six games he threw 15 interceptions. In the five games since then he's thrown two.
  • Giants have the 7th best run D in the NFL
  • Redskins and Giants tied at 6th most dropped passes (23)
The most interesting part of the game will be seeing if the Redskins have packed it in or not with all the RGIII drama as of late. A good friend of mine just bought two club level tickets at $29.50 each. Upper deckers start at $8 on the team will not be getting any help from their fans this week. Expect Fedex Field to look like the Swamp yesterday.

Giants 26, Redskins 16.