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Fred Davis Sitcom and Movie Ideas

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A satirical at how Fred Davis's Redskins Tenure could be turned into a movie or TV Show after he leaves DC.


Fred Davis's tenure with the Redskins looks to becoming to an end, and it doesn't appear he's going to go quietly. It seems like each day there is another story about him talking out of turn in a way that makes either himself or the Redskins look bad.

Though drafted with plenty of promise, the Redskins never have seen a full 16 games of positive production from Davis. His time in DC has been filled with numerous ridiculous stories, most of which has caused the Redskins a level of embarrassment. As he looks to be on the way out of DC I got the idea to do a post on what the Fred Davis movie/sitcom, based on his Redskins career would be titled and why. Hogs Haven Member CJHutch was the first to mention the idea that Davis has turned into a sitcom, so many thanks for helping me come up with this idea for a post:

*Note: This is of course satirical in nature and meant to have some fun. If you are a big Davis supporter you have got to be able to laugh a little:

Drop Pass Fred:

A play on the movie title "Drop Dead Fred" and of course highlighting the problem Davis has had in his career with dropped passes.

Law & Sleep:

This is obviously from the TV show "Law & Order" and is about Davis's burgeoning law "career" and the fact that he's over slept for practice his rookie year and apparently has slept through some meetings.

Up All Night: Before a Game:

This would be a Spin off from the NBC show "Up all Night", and references his incident where he was sued for throwing a drink while out at a bar the night before a home game. Also, this likely points to a reason why he may be late to practices/meetings and sleeping through them.

Club Fred:

A knockoff of the Broken Lizard's Club Dread, and a look at Fred's time out at the club where he got in trouble.

Wrong Route Fred:

Again an homage to Drop Dead Fred, and of course acknowledging the fact that he's consistently had problems with his route running, which has led to interceptions by the other team.

Wasted Talent:

This one is a good double meaning, highlighting both the fact that he got suspended for testing positive for weed over a dozen times and that he's never lived up to his talent level (or draft stock) for the Redskins.

The Late Show with Fred Davis:

This one can cover any number of bases: The fact that Davis was out late the night before a game (and got in trouble), how he's arrived at practice and workouts late, and also the fact that he has typically put up his best numbers late in games after the game was out of hand.

Fred at Work: Garbage time :

A play on the Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez comedy about garbage men called "Men at Work". Davis seems to take his job as serious as Sheen and Estevez did in the movie and of course this points again to his garbage time numbers.

Money for Nothing  :

This is a title of a John Cusack Movie from the early 90's, and is pretty self explanatory for why it applies here.

Redskins Park: Davis Always Sleeps :

A play on the sequel "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps", and Davis's sleeping problems.

Night Court: Fred's Law : (from Hog Hunter)

This is a play on two shows "Night Court" and "Harry's Law", it's also a play on the old adage "Murphy's Law" which basically says anything that can go wrong will go wrong, which sums up Davis' Redskins tenure quite nicely.

Three (Catches) for the Money:

This is a combination of the two movies "One for the Money" and "Two for the Money", and is exactly how many catches Fred Davis currently has for the $2.5 million Davis is earning this year.

*Note the titles of any Cheech and Chong movie would definitely apply as well

What's your favorite Title? Have a better one submit it in the comments with the reasoning behind it!