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Fantasy Football Players to Start or Sit: Week 10

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Sean Patterson continues the "Start or Sit" segment and offers advice for Fantasy Football players on who should be in their line-ups week 10. Sean's fantasy football player watch list for the waiver pick-ups is also included.

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This segment is designed to help you decide which of the "lower end" or more "questionable" players to start or sit in fantasy football. I’m not planning on covering every stud player, so do not over think it when it comes to guys like Calvin Johnson or Adrian Peterson. They are always guys to start unless they appear on my list. If you have concerns about specific players, feel free to leave a comment with your player concern or tweet (@Spatters91) me and I will try to help you out. Good luck fantasy players!

BYES: Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, and New York Jets

Guys to Start:

Drew Brees (MUST START): The Cowboys have given up the most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season. Even with the injuries to some of Drew’s weapons, he is still a great quarterback playing a suspect defense. I expect Brees to be the top fantasy quarterback this week. Kenny Stills, Robert Meachem, and Pierre Thomas should be sufficient to put some hurt on the Cowboys.

Alfred Morris (MUST START): The Vikings have given up the 3rd most fantasy points to running backs this season. The Thursday night rule is still in effect (look at Bernard’s numbers from last week). Thursday night involves lots of running, just like episodes of Doctor Who. While Alfred’s touchdowns have been getting vultured a bit lately, he is still going 100+ yards in games and he even got one of his touchdowns last weeks. Morris should be a good source of yardage and should get lots of touches.

Adrian Peterson: Unfortunately, the Redskins have given up the 4th most fantasy points to running backs. Peterson is usually a must start all the time, but he has had some down weeks this year. But a Thursday night match-up means lots of running. Peterson should be his usual self against the Redskins and should be extremely productive for your fantasy team.

Eddie Lacy: The Eagles have given up the 13th most fantasy points to running backs this year. With Aaron Rodgers going down, I would expect Lacy’s touches to increase. He gives the Packers the best chance to win with his explosive playmaking ability. While his yards per carry might go down a bit, you look for touches in fantasy football. Lacy should get plenty of them against a unimpressive eagles defense. Maybe the Packers qb can even put some hurt on the Eagles secondary and Lacy can go off again.

T.Y. Hilton: The Rams have given up the 14th most fantasy points to wide receivers this season. It would seem Hilton is new number one receiver with Reggie Wayne out for the year, so he is a must start every week with Andrew Luck at qb. The Rams are also a struggling team, so the Colts may manhandle them and have a big day offensively.

Hakeem Nicks: The Raiders have given up the 3rd most fantasy points to wide receivers this season. If the Eagles can have an unreal day against the Raiders, it is not much of a stretch to think the Giants talented receivers could have monster days. Hakeem Nicks is a match-up guy now, and this looks like a good week to play him.

Keenan Allen: The Broncos have given up the 7th most fantasy points to wide receivers. Allen appears to be a stud fantasy wide receiver this season and is the number one receiver in San Diego. The Broncos passing defense has been sub-par this season, and Phillip Rivers should be able to take advantage of that. The Chargers have a pretty good passing game going with Danny Woodhead, Antonio Gates, and Allen, so Allen should be able to rack up some fantasy points this week against the Broncos.

Guys to Sit:

Colin Kaepernick: The Panthers have given up the fewest fantasy points to running backs this season. While Kaepernick has been better lately, he has struggled with consistency this season and he has not been great in bad match-ups. I do not think Kaepernick is relegated to being a match-up based starter, but I would look elsewhere for this week if you can.

Zac Stacy: The Colts have given up the 3rd fewest fantasy points to running backs this season, so Stacey may not be in store for another 20+ point day. Stacy has proven to be a breath of fresh air for the Rams, but with a lack of a passing game, Stacy is better suited being used in favorable match-ups. Stacy could probably get you 80-90 yards this week and a few catches, but he could also get somewhere from 40-50 and 3 catches. In these tough bye weeks, starting Stacy is not a terrible start this week, but I would avoid it if you can.

Andre Johnson: The Cardinals have given up the 6th fewest fantasy points to wide receivers this season. The Cardinals are a rough match-up for quarterbacks, especially young quarterbacks like Keenum. Andre Johnson had a monster game last week against the Colts, but I would not expect that to happen again this week.

Jarrett Boykin: While the Eagles have given up the most fantasy points to wide receivers this season, the Packers are not the same team without Aaron Rodgers. The only receiver that is worth starting is Jordy Nelson, but I am hesitant to start him in unfavorable match-ups. While the Eagles are a desirable match-up, I would leave Boykin on the Bench.

Charles Clay: The Dolphins have given up 17th most fantasy points to tight ends this season. But I am not concerned about the match-up. Clay depends on getting touchdowns to be productive in fantasy and his TD streak is over. I also don’t trust Dolphins players at the current moment. Divided locker rooms lead to bad things and the offensive line is a mess without Martin and Incognito. And Pouncey is not exactly mess free as of late with the Incognito scandal and subpoenas with Hernandez. I know none of this is football related, but the Dolphins are not a team I want to depend on in fantasy.

Sean’s Fantasy Watch List: (Waiver Wire Recommendations: In deeper Formats, add watch list guys)


Andre Ellington (ARI-RB): Mendenhall is awful. Shocker.

Darrius Heyward-Bey (IND-WR): Poor Reggie

Percy Harvin (SEA-WR):

Jonathan Stewart (CAR RB): Who knows, it could work.

Mike Tolbert (CAR-RB): Could be a good guy to have, he has hands.

Tim Wright (TAM-WR/TE): You could have a worse TE option?


Ted Ginn Jr. (Car-WR): Numbers can lie, but he is worth keeping an eye on

Montee Ball (DEN-RB): Probably want this guy if you have Moreno.

DeAndre Hopkins (HOU-WR): Keenum is a baller

Case Keenum (HOU-QB): Could be a good bye week guy


Santonio Holmes (NYJ-WR): When healthy, he is a great match-ups guy.

Leonard Hankerson (WAS-WR): If the Redskins can get it together, this guy could break out.

Tyler Eiffert (CIN-TE)

Eddie Royal (SD-WR)

Robert Woods (Buf-WR): I really like this kid. Steve is hurt.

Donnie Avery (KC-WR): Not consistent

Stephen Hill (NYJ-WR): He looks like a no. 1 wideout, maybe he can play like one

Week 3. That’s about right.

Marlon Brown (Bal-WR): He has looked pretty good.

Coby Fleener (Ind-TE): Could be a good no 2 guy with upside.