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Two Cents: Aaron Rodgers Injury Torpedoes Redskins

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If Aaron Rodgers remains injured for a lengthy period of time, the Redskins' road to a second straight NFC East division title just got a LOT tougher.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

I'll make this brief.

The NFC East faces off against the NFC North this season. The only NFC East team to play the Green Bay Packers so far in 2013 is OUR Washington Redskins. I can't be certain, but I am pretty sure that Aaron Rodgers impregnated our defense that day.

Green Bay hosts Philadelphia this Sunday, and then they travel to New York to face the Giants the following Sunday. I have not heard a single person suggest that Rodgers will be back in time for either of these two games. The Dallas game is not until week 15, which gives Aaron some time to heal and get back into game shape. To be sure, that is the game we need him for the most.

I would be shocked to see the Eagles favored over Green Bay at Lambeau, and the truth is that the Packers likely have enough juice to give the Giants a fight with or without #12. If Rodgers is unable to lace them up and do his thing against Dallas in week 15 however, we are screwed because that is a loss we need Dallas to take.

These were my thoughts as Aaron Rodgers left the field last night.