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Redskins Recap: Redskins Squeak Out a Win in Overtime, Redskins 30, Chargers 24

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The Redskins manage to get a much-needed win after spectacular play by Pierre Garcon and crucial running in the Red Zone by Darrell Young. The Redskins move up to 3-5.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

1st Quarter:

-Washington won the coin toss and they deferred. The kick is returned to the 21-yard line. The Chargers drive past the 50-yard line but are forced to pun after failing to convert on a false start penalty. The punt is down at the 1-yard line. 11:31 left in the quarter.

-Redskins drive to the Chargers 20-yard line but are forced to kick a field goal. The field goal is blocked. A read option pitch was called and Jordan Reed had a huge gain during the drive. The Redskins were 3/4 on third down this drive. Chargers 0, Redskins 0. 2:28 remaining.

-Chargers drive up to their 45-yard line. End of the 1st quarter.

2nd Quarter:

-Chargers are forced to punt. Punt is bounces out of bounds at the Redskins 1-yard line. Wow. Robert Griffin III’s pass is deflected and intercepted in the end zone. Lawrence Guy has made another unreal play after blocking the field goal. Chargers 7, Redskins 0. 11:35 left in the 2nd quarter.

-Joshua Morgan runs out Chargers kick off and the Redskins start on their own 17-yard line. Redskins are forced to punt after 3 and out. The ball is down at the Chargers 28-yard line. Chargers start to drive but a Chargers wide receiver runs the wrong way and E.J. Biggers intercepts the ball and returns it to the Redskins 45-yard line. 15-yard penalty is called against the Redskins. Chargers 7, Redskins 0. 7:20 remaining.

-Redskins drive ends in a 5-yard touchdown run by Alfred Morris. Morris had a huge 26-yard run in this drive. Chargers 7, Redskins 7. 5:25 remains in the half.

-Redskins kick off and after a penalty, the Chargers start on their own 15-yard line. Chargers drive down the field and score a touchdown with a wide receiver screen to Eddie Royal. Chargers 14, Redskins 7. :42 remains in the half.

-Redskins drive and attempt a 59-yard field goal. The field goal is blocked again. Wow. End of the half.

3rd Quarter:

-Niles Paul returns chargers kick-off to the Redskins 26-yard line. Redskins drive ends in a touchdown fall by Darrell Young. Pierre Garcon made a spectacular catch on this drive. Chargers 14, Redskins 14. 9:43 remaining in the quarter.

-Redskins kick-off is run out of the end zone by the Chargers retrurner. Baccari Rambo made a huge tackle on the returner to stop him well before the 20-yard line. The chargers drive ends in a punt. Chargers punt is returned to the 20-yard line. 7:02 remains in the 3rd quarter.

-Redskins drive down to deep into Chargers territory. Spectacular plays by Robert Griffin III and Pierre Garcon kept this drive going. End of the 3rd quarter.

4th Quarter:

-Redskins drive ends a 1-yard touchdown run by Darrell Young. Chargers 14, Redskins 21. 14:17 remaining in the game.

-Chargers start with the ball on their own 22-yard line. A timely drop by Keenan Allen ends the Chargers drive and they are forced to punt. Punt is down at the Redskins 29-yard line. 12:35 remains in the game.

-Redskins go 3 and out. Sav Rocca’s punt bounces out of bounds at the 26-yard line. Phillip Rivers tries to throw a tight pass to Keenan Allen but David Amerson at intercepts the pass and returns it to mid-field. The Redskins offense drives into field goal range and Fotbath knocks it through. Chargers 14, Redskins 24. 6:59 remaining.

-Redskins Kick off is returned to the 22-yard line. After a controversial challenge, the Chargers drive down the field and score on a touchdown pass to Keenan Allen. Chargers 21, Redskins 24. 4:10 remains in the game.

-Santana Moss returns chargers kick off to the 22-yard line. After two unbelievable catches by Garcon, the Redskins are forced to punt. The punt is down at the 8-yard line with 2:10 remaining. Chargers drive down to the Redskins 1-yard line but fail to get the touchdown but kick a field goal with 3 seconds left. Chargers 24, Redskins 24. End of the 4th quarter.


-Redskins win the coin toss, the Chargers kick is returned by Joshua Morgan to the 22-yard line. On a 3rd an inches play in the red zone, Darrell Young gets the call and scores a touchdown to end the game. Chargers 24, Redskins 30.

Important Game Notes:

1st Half:

-The Redskins uniforms look strange with the throwback jerseys and current helmets. And why is Dan Fouts our announcer? Really?

-Blocked Field Goals: 2 in one game? That is unacceptable. Wow.

-Batted down passes: Robert Griffin III had a lot of his passing attempts batted down. One was batted down into the hands of a Chargers player for a touchdown.

2nd Half:

-Running the Football: The Redskins offense was making passes in crucial situations, but the running game was consistent throughout the day, accounting for the first three touchdowns.

-Lack of Pressure: Phillip Rivers only took 1 sack through the first 4 quarters. And took one shot that resulted in an incomplete pass.

-Darrell Young: A three-touchdown day for Young helped the Redskins win this game in overtime.