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Sunday Slop: Game Day versus the Chargers

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The top Redskins stories around the web as the Redskins are set to face the Chargers

Justin Edmonds


Where did the Redskins deep ball go? | CSN Washington

We are nearly halfway through the season and the Redskins have completed just one pass that could be called a "bomb"-a pass play of over 40 yards where the ball traveled most of the distance through the air.

Redskins Jenkins and Jackson returning to 2012 form | CSN Washington

Although defensive end Jarvis Jenkins and linebacker Rob Jackson each returned from a four-game suspension last month, it took a little while for the Redskins' defenders to regain their 2012 form.

Redskins 5 Keys to beating the Chargers |

A look at the five things the Washington Redskins must do if they want to beat the Chargers today, and improve to 3-5 on the year.

Redskins Gameday: 10 Thoughts | ESPN NFC East

When the Washington Redskins turned their season around in 2012, there was a different feel in the locker room. You felt more confidence, more belief that the Redskins would play better and probably win more. Yes, it seemed like some guys were a bit crazy for their optimism - Darrel Young, DeAngelo Hall, Robert Griffin III - but it turns out they weren't.

Redskins vs Chargers Pregame Primer | Washington Times Redskins Watch

The Washington Redskins are hoping to start turning around their season Sunday afternoon when they play host to the San Diego Chargers for the first time since 2005.

Redskins vs Chargers Game Day Notes | Washington Post the Insider

A week after dropping to 2-5 with a disappointing showing against the Denver Broncos, the Redskins will attempt to rebound with a victory over another AFC opponent.

NFC East Previews and Predictions |