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5 College Players to watch today

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A look at 5 college players to watch today for the Washington Redskins

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

C Travis Swanson, Arkansas:

Projected Round: 2nd-3rd

The Redskins need to upgrade this interior line and the best way to do that is to grab the top college center in this class. Travis Swanson has succeeded in the ultra tough SEC where he goes up against NFL caliber defensive tackles and linebackers just about every week. He's a smart, strong center and could be a great long term piece to add next year.

S Deone Bucanhon, Washington State:

Projected Round: 3rd

-Bucanhon is often overlooked due to playing on a bad Washington State team for his career, but he's been a highly productive safety in the Pac-12. He's got over 100 tackles this year and 5 interceptions, and looks to have good balance between being a ball hawk and still being strong in run support. He's a guy who could rise up draft boards if he tests well and has a strong All-Star game, but right now he's looking like a 3rd round pick.

DT Aaron Donald, Pittsburgh:

Projected Round: 2nd

-Donald is actually not a great pick for the Redskins if they stick with a 3-4 defense as he's undersized as a 5 technique. While the undersized label has been hung on Donald his entire career, all he's done is consistently produce and beat offensive linemen who were considered bigger and stronger than him. Donald has lived in opponents backfields during his time at Pitt and should continue to do so at the next level. Donald has one of the quickest first steps you will ever see in a defensive tackle and is somewhat reminiscent of former Vikings great John Randle. If the Redskins were to move to a 4-3 he could play both inside and outside (again similar to Randle).

WR Devin Street, Pittsburgh:

Projected Round: late 3rd to early 4th

-Street is an interesting guy, because he gets kind of overlooked. He's going to finish his college career with over 3,000 yards receiving despite never playing in a top passing offense or with any major talent at quarterback. He possesses a nice 6'4" frame and shows good route running and hands. He's probably not a 4.4. type of guy, but with his size and production is well worth a mid round pick.

OT Seantrel Henderson, Miami:

Projected Round: 2nd-3rd

-Henderson was one of the top offensive tackle prospects when he was recruited and after a long recruiting battle ended up at Miami. Though he was thought to be a potential left tackle and eventual first round draft pick, Henderson has failed to meet those expectations. He's shown himself to have NFL talent, but likely maxes out as a right tackle. The fact that he's not ideally thought of as a blindside protector should allow him to slip in the draft to the late 2nd to early 3rd round range. Henderson show's impressive strength and bulk and can drive people off the ball (which is why he's so well suited for the right side). Consistency is a factor and another reason why he won't go higher, but he would add a big physical presence to the Redskins offensive line.