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Fantasy Football Players to Start or Sit: Week 13

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Sean Patterson continues the "Start or Sit" segment and offers advice for Fantasy Football players on who should be in their line-ups week 13. Sean's fantasy football player watch list for the waiver pick-ups is also included.

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This segment is designed to help you decide which of the "lower end" or more "questionable" players to start or sit in fantasy football. I’m not planning on covering every stud player, so do not over think it when it comes to guys like Calvin Johnson or Adrian Peterson. They are always guys to start unless they appear on my list. If you have concerns about specific players, feel free to leave a comment with your player concern or tweet (@Spatters91) me and I will try to help you out. Good luck fantasy players!

Guys to Start:

Cam Newton (MUST START): Tampa Bay has given up the 10th most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season. Tampa Bay has been playing well lately, but not as well as the Panthers have been. Cam Newton has also feasted on bad defenses this season, so Tampa Bay should provide lots of fantasy points for him.

Shane Vereen: The Texans have given up the 16th most fantasy points to Running Backs this season. The Patriots running backs are a mess, who knows who will get the carries and who will fumble. Vareen is the only one who is guaranteed some snaps because he is an effective pass catcher and pass blocker. Vareen is the guy in the Patriots backfield you want on your fantasy roster.

Brandon Marshall: The Vikings have given up the 6th most fantasy points to wide receivers this season. If you have Marshall, you probably were not going to bench him anyways. But Marshall should have a monster day regardless of the quarterback situation. Expect another big day from Brandon.

Josh Gordon: The Jaguars have given up the 14th fewest fantasy points to wide receivers this season. I am expecting the Browns to be able to have a better game against the Jaguars, and Gordon has been on a roll the past two weeks against very good defenses. Start Gordon with confidence.

Jordan Cameron: The Jaguars have given up the 2nd most fantasy points to tight ends this season. Cameron has not been great lately, but he should do better this week. Cameron was on fire early on this season, and he will have a great opportunity to play netter. If he does not have a good game against the Jags, you should find a new tight end.

Guys to Sit:

Nick Foles: The Cardinals have given up the 13th fewest fantasy points to quarter backs this season. Foles has been on a roll lately, but I would not want to play a quarterback against that defense. The entire NFC west has become a nasty defensive division, and the Cardinals have top shelf defensive backs. Foles may be historically good so far this season, but his numbers are likely going to come back down to earth in this game.

Knowshon Moreno: The Chiefs have given up the 15th most fantasy points to running backs this season, but Moreno did not have a great day against them the last time they faced each other. Moreno got plenty of carries in the last Broncos and Chiefs game, but the production was lacking. Moreno is not likely to explode against this tough defense, especially after the Chiefs tough loss to the Chargers.

Ben Tate: While the Patriots have given up the 11th most fantasy points to running backs this season, Ben Tate is not a startable running back right now. He will likely bounce back this week, but his rib injury completely diminishes his effectiveness as a starting running back. No one in the Houston back field should be in your line-up this week in all honesty. It is impossible to guess who will get the carries at this point.

DeSean Jackson: Arizona has given up the 6th fewest fantasy points to wide receivers this season, and they are on one monster hot streak. Jackson also has some issues with being a consistent fantasy producer this season. He has been productive for where you likely drafted him, as a solid number 2 or number 3 receiver. Considering how effective the Cardinals defense has been this season, I would avoid Jackson this week.

Sean’s Fantasy Watch List: (Waiver Wire Recommendations: In deeper Formats, add watch list guys)


Rashad Jennings (OAK-RB): McFadden is McDone

Bobby Rainey (TAM-RB): I guess this is the guy you want

Donald Brown (IND-RB): Trent Richardson thinks he has been pretty good

Coby Fleener (Ind-TE): Things are looking up for him.


Delanie Walker (TEN-TE): Garbage time still count.

Mike Tolbert (CAR-RB): Could be a good guy to have, he has hands.

Montee Ball (DEN-RB): Probably want this guy if you have Moreno.

Case Keenum (HOU-QB)