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Redskins-Niners final score: Redskins Offense Stinks it Up in Primetime Loss, 27-6

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The Redskins laid another egg on primetime TV as the offense had it all: penalties, loads of three and outs, and turnovers.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1st Quarter

1st drive - The Redskins got the ball first and went three and out after three failed passing plays.

2nd drive - Skins went three and out after running the ball twice.

3rd drive - Another three and out.

After holding the 49ers to zero points the first two drives, Kapernick finds Boldin for a 19 yard touchdown.

4th drive - RGIII intercepted on a terrible decision when Logan Paulsen was wide open underneath.

2nd Quarter

The 49ers turned that into a FG to make it 10-0.

5th drive - After forcing the Niners to punt, the Skins put together a nice 5:26 drive resulting in a Forbath FG to make it 10-3.

6th drive - The defense holds again and the Redskins go 64 yards over 4:55 to cut the lead to 10-6 right before half.

3rd Quarter

The Niners first drive starts great for the Redskins when Cofield and DHall force a Vernon  Davis fumble.Unfortunately, the Redskins went three and out after that. Boldin scored again after that to put the Niners up 17-6.

The next three Redskins drives go three and out. LORD.

I stopped keeping stats at this point. Looking at the ESPN box score, the Redskins were deficient in every category: penalties, time of possession, sacks. Same story , different day.