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Daily Slop: RG3 Clears the air With Kyle Shanahan; Redskins Expect the Best out of Morgan, Davis

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Daily Collection of Redskins News From Around the Web

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Need to Know: Redskins expect the best out of Morgan, Davis | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
Here is what you need to know on this Friday, November 22, three days before the Washington Redskins host the San Francisco 49ers. Nickel coverage Five items of interest from Redskins Park: 1.

RG3 clears the air with Kyle Shanahan | Comcast SportsNet Washington
"What helped me was that Robert did come in," Shanahan continued. "I didn’t ask him to. He came in and talked to me on Monday about it and tried to clear it up with me and explained to me what he meant to say. Once I heard him and talked to him, I was fine with it. I didn’t take anything personally and it made sense to me … I had no problems with it."

Should the Redskins Utilize Alfred Morris in the Passing Game More? |

A look at how Morris has become a platoon player and how that is hurting the Redskins.

Darrell Green Thinks RGIII’s Becoming More Human " CBS DC
Darrell Green was incredibly forthcoming Thursday with his feelings on the Redskins apparently breaking apart at the seams, and what a 3-7 record ultimately means for Mike Shanahan.

Moss, Garçon focused on playing football | Comcast SportsNet Washington
"You can't let people on the outside try to bring your shine down," he said. "They don’t know what you got going on, they just hear things and try to speculate and try to make things bigger than they are."

London Fletcher on RG3: 'The kid gets it' | Comcast SportsNet Washington

Jon Gruden on RGIII
"I see an athletic quarterback that’s doing similar things that he did last year," Gruden said this week on ESPN Radio. "He may not have the true explosiveness that he showed as a rookie, but he’s still capable of ripping a game open with his legs. But he is out of rhythm, he is missing open targets, I do think the defenses have perhaps caught up with a few things. But they’re averaging almost 400 yards a game. What I see is a lot of frustration. In consecutive weeks, they’ve had opportunities to win the game in the fourth quarter, at Minnesota, at Philadelphia, and they haven’t gotten it done. And when you don’t win at crunch time, it falls on the quarterback’s plate. And I think there’s a lot of frustration right now, obviously, in Washington."

Redskins had ‘a blown assignment’ on McCoy’s catch vs. Kerrigan, Haslett says
"We ran it 10 times during the game and he covered him like six other times," Haslett said of the Kerrigan-McCoy matchup. "We did have a blown assignment on it on that play. … We ran the same play and London got the sack — same exact play they ran versus the play we ran, he got a sack. So we missed an assignment on it. It probably wouldn’t have happened. It’s one of those situations where we ran it 10 times during the game and we just had a missed assignment that got him open."

Chris Cooley instructs Redskins: ‘If you want to be here, you better… get along with Robert Griffin III"
"I think the leadership thing is [garbage]," Cooley said in a telephone interview Wednesday. "I think he’s a heck of a leader for a second-year player."

Jordan Reed Doesn’t Pass Concussion Test, Status Uncertain For 49ers | Football News Now
The status of Washington Redskins tight end Jordan Reed is in doubt for Monday night's game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Joe Jacoby Named Semifinalist for the 2014 Hall of Fame Class

Why the Redskins should trade Kirk Cousins After the Season |

Preview: San Francisco 49ers vs. Washington Redskins - NFL Videos
NFL Films previews the Week 12 matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Washington Redskins.

Friday Conversation: Ryan Kerrigan - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan, who leads the Washington Redskins with 6.5 sacks, talks about pass rushing, whether or not he’s elite and what he&rsqu

The Redskins Blog | Series History: Redskins 49ers

Carriker Has 'Longshot' Chance For 2013
After placing DE Adam Carriker on the PUP list to start the 2013 season, he has officially been activated to practice and remains a longshot to make it back this season.

Fritz Pollard Alliance urges NFL players to stop using N-word

Fantasy Football Rankings After Week 11 |