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Redskins Power Rankings Week 12

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A look at where various power rankings have the Redskins Ranked after week 11.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation: 28th

-The main site drops the Redskins 4 spots this week and focuses on the poor game by RGIII and the too little too late comeback. They also take Orakpo and Kerrigan to task for not being more consistent this season.

Mile High Report: 27th

-The Broncos site is optimistic that Griffin will be good by next season and thinks that the Redskins should stick by Mike Shanahan.  (In other news the staff of the Mile High Report "won" free vouchers to Mike Shanahan's Denver restaurant)

Bleeding Green Nation: 27th

-The Eagles site has us the same spot as the Cowboys site (which I won't even link b/c their comment is just them laughing at us) and knocks us for being the worst team in the division. They cite our weak defense and the fact that we don't even have a 1st rounder next year to build upon with.

Phinsider: 29th

-The Dolphins site knocks us for the Rams having our pick in the first round as well

Fox Sports: 26th

-Brian Billick highlights the problem with the slow starts and being so completely outscored by halftime, noting that you can't expect to come back every week.

Fanspeak: 29th

-I focus on how this team is collapsing week-in-week-out and how no single unit has really put together 60 good minutes yet this year. Far too many issues with this team are preventing them from having a chance for a turn around.

CBS Sports: 27th

-Pat Kirwin talks about how defenses have adjusted to RGIII this year and how the Redskins dismal division and conference record takes them all but out of contention for both the division or a wild card run.

ESPN: 27th

-ESPN highlights the Redskins tackling woes by mentioning how they met LeSean McCoy in the backfield on 1/3 of his carries, but for the most part couldn't bring him down.

Where do you think the Redskins should rank?