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49ers vs. Redskins 2013: Why each team will win

In the first of a few cooperative posts between our respective sites, Hogs Haven and Niners Nation square off to discuss why the Redskins and 49ers will claim victory this Sunday.

Patrick Smith

Niners Nation: Why the 49ers will win

49ers offense

Given Washington's defensive struggles, this strikes me as a game in which the 49ers offense can settle into their run game, and over power the Washington defense. The 49ers offensive line does their best work in the run game, and the team has dominated teams with it. And yet, as we saw last week against the Saints, more and more teams are going to stick eight defenders in the box to stop the run, and dare Colin Kaepernick to beat them with the pass.

If the 49ers offense is going to find success against Washington, it is going to need to get something going at least a little bit consistent in the passing game. Last week, Kap was 17 of 31 for 127 yards. The 49ers managed two touchdowns through the air, but otherwise they could barely get anything going. The 49ers best chance at establishing the passing game is mixing in play action and rolling the pocket as needed. The team's passing success has come when they create misdirection with the defense. The 49ers conceivably could line up and simply run over Washington, but the defense is likely to learn from what New Orleans did so well.

49ers defense

Much like the 49ers would like to win with the run, it appears the key is keeping Robert Griffin III in front of them, and maintaining discipline. I was going to say it is shutting down Alfred Morris, who has had a great season. However, even when Morris has had big games, the Washington offense has frequently come up short overall.

The 49ers will need to be disciplined against a scrambling RG3, and the team will need to get pressure on the young QB. They need to force him into quicker decisions, and prevent guys like Pierre Garcon and Jordan Reed from working their way open. If the 49ers can get consistent pressure on RG3, they should be able to slow down the potential dynamic Washington passing attack.

Thanks to David Fucillo of Niners Nation. Now, here's my keys to a Redskins victory.

Hogs Haven

Please note, ALL of these must happen in conjunction and the Redskins WILL win:

  1. The second team bus for the 49ers gets caught on the Wilson Bridge I-495 traffic and misses the game. Now, the Redskins played mostly backups versus the lowly Vikings and still lost, but this will go a BIG way in helping level the playing field.
  2. The Redskins re-sign John Beck and start him the first three quarters. Who remembers the 2011 loss to the 49ers at Fedex where it was a one score loss? Beck and Helu broke a franchise record with 14 receptions. John Beck can redo his magic and keep  the game close for three quarters and then in the 4th quarter, Shanahan brings in a fresh RGIII to take over and win the game.
  3. Buy the other block of rooms in the 49ers team hotel for the Black Hole. It's well known the 49ers and Raiders' fanbases hate each other to death. By plugging in the freaks in the black hole with all the 49ers players, surely their night of sleep will be a rocky one. Ken agreed to pay the $14,765 to fly them all out.
Kidding aside, the game plan for the Redskins to win is simple.
  • Redskins Keep their Own Defense off the Field.
The Redskins' offense is ranked fourth in 3rd down conversions (46%), seventh in time of possession (31:60), and FIRST in rushing yards per carry (5.1). Yea, the secret is out to make RGIII throw, but guess what, the Redskins are still dominating running the ball. I would tell my running backs and wide receivers to always stay in bounds on every single play. If Garcon hits a crossing route and is about to get pushed out of bounds....just go down. Keep that clock rolling. It's pathetic, but the Redskins defense is averaging 31.1 points against a game. We've all seen the's atrocious across the board.  Alfred Morris and Garcon carry us to victory in a 31-17 win with the final time of possession: Redskins 37:00, 49ers 23:00.

When the Shanahans start the game with six straight passing plays...let's laugh, OK?