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Audio: Kevin and Ken Join Ball Hogs Radio's Podcast to Talk Mike Shanahan Tenure

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Ken Meringolo and Kevin Ewoldt, site managers for Hogs Haven, joined their friends over at Ball Hogs Radio for an hour of heated debate on whether the Mike Shanahan tenure should stay or end.

Thanks to our good friends over at BHRN, Adam, MJ, Nick, and John for having us on.  It was a pleasure to visit them in their new studio up in Gaithersburg, MD and talk Skins.

The frist segment we talked about the Eagles game and the second segment what to do with Mike Shanahan.

My stance on the Shanahan situation is the following...and I'm taking this from the angle that I am the owner: Mike Shanahan asked me for five years to turn this team around and I will honor that contract. It sends a good message to future, prospective coaches that I am man of my word. In addition, I do believe Shanahan is the best option for next year. With that in mind, I would tell him an extension is on the table come Thanksgiving time next year if things are on the up. He preaches to all of his players they need to earn their contracts....I don't see this as any different situation. I don't care what the hell people say about lame duck. With that being said, Mike Shanahan has a track record of fielding terrible defenses. I would sit down with him and ask him about his thoughts on handing over the defense 100% to a defensive Gibbs did for Gregg Williams, like Brian Billick did for Rex Ryan in Baltimore, and like so many teams do today. The 3-4 is a disaster and we need to reload there. The offense is quality, it's just hard to win games when the D is averaging 31+ ppg allowed.

Ken's stance is that since Mike Shanahan likely won't be here in 1-3 years anyway, so, as an owner, let's find a competent GM immediately that can guide this team the next 20 years. He gives some compelling arguments and it's worth the listen.

Link to show and podcast links:

Listen Here:

"The Ball Hogs 11-19-13 Seg1"

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"The Ball Hogs 11-19-13 Full Show"