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Saturday Slop: Getting Ready for Homecoming

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A look at the top links around the web for the Redskins.

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Need to Know: Health not an issue for the Redskins | Real Redskins

The Redskins certainly can't complain about their health. They did list nine players on their injury report on Friday but only one, safety Jose Gumbs, is listed as questionable. The rest are probable. While some have missed games here and there, no projected starters are on injured reserve. This team has 99 problems but health ain't one.

Redskins 5 Keys to beat the Chargers |

A look at the 5 areas the Redskins need to succeed at if they want to beat the Chargers on Sunday.

Inside the Redskins Passing game woes | ESPN NFC East

One (big) reason for the inconsistency of the Redskins offense is a passing game that is turning the ball over more than last year (10 interceptions, including eight by Griffin compared to eight all of last season).

Redskins Notes | ESPN NFC East

Young Players the Redskins need to Step Up |

Pierre Garcon Practices at Full Speed | Washington Post The Insider

Garcon was a limited participant during Wednesday's practice because of a calf injury but returned to full practice participation Thursday. Shanahan said after Friday's practice that Garcon was to be listed as probable on the official injury report for Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers.

Still no verdict in Sean Taylor case as jury breaks for the weekend | Washington Times

Kyle Shanahan downplays pressure versus Broncos | Real Redskins

NFC East Previews and Predictions |