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Snap Judgments: Week 11 vs. Philadelphia Eagles Snap Count

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Taking a look at the snap count for each Redskins player in their Week 11 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles

Rob Carr

"Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in."

...and now I'm out again.

In what looked to be the worst game of an already disappointing year, the Redskins made another late game push against the Eagles. Seasoned Redskins fans know better than to look ahead but be my guest and cast the first stone if you didn't start thinking about the upcoming 2-point conversion. For a second week in a row the Redskins lost the chance to tie the game late and save their season by stalling in the Red Zone. History will remember this game as a 'rookie mistake' from Robert Griffin III but the comeback will sweep under the rug the utter embarrassment this team was in all three phases for 3 quarters.

The roller coaster ride that has been the Redskins season is all but over after another game oozing of false hope. But if you thought this ride has been bumpy, be prepared because the wheels are starting to fall off. Already we are hearing of players making reference to lack of preparation, to predictable schemes, and to a misuse of talent. There doesn't seem to be any waking up from this nightmare in the near future. Blame rests on more than one party but the body language from our young QB and his deflection of responsibility concerns me. Mistake after mistake (some his fault and others not) his expression portrays an attitude of: "Oh well...what do you want me to do?!" He is not the sole reason for this collapse but I'd love to see him own the burden of responsibility with a little more grace.

I know you don't want to but here's a quick look at the snap count for Week 11.

The Offense had 82 plays

Number of Snaps Name
82 (100%) Trent Williams, Kory Lichtensteiger, Will Montgomery, Chris Chester, Tyler Polumbus, Robert Griffin III
73 (89%) Pierre Garcon
72 (88%) Logan Paulsen
51 (62%) Aldrick Robinson
44 (54%) Roy Helu Jr.
38 (46%) Alfred Morris
33 (40%) Jordan Reed
31 (38%) Santana Moss
28 (34%) Niles Paul
15 (18%) Darrel Young, Leonard Hankerson
10 (12%) Nick Williams

What Stands Out

  • This week marks the 5th game which Roy Helu Jr. saw more time on the field than Alfred Morris, and we are 10 games into the season. This is an testament to two things: 1. Alfred Morris is an absolute machine who is making the most of his opportunities; he is averaging 5.1 yards per attempt and is the #3 RB in rushing yards. 2. The 2013 Redskins either play from behind or cannot sustain a lead. Tough times.
  • Nick Williams did not have the debut many fans hoped for. As a returner he muffed one punt and then badly played the Eagles' last punt that put the Redskins on their own 4 yard line for the last drive. As a receiver he was thrust into an increased role with Josh Morgan inactive and Hankerson and Reed out with injuries. He was in on 10 snaps and targeted twice. He caught one ball and converted one of the two point conversions the Redskins attempted late, however, he did look lost when he was in on offense.
  • Santana Moss is about as up and down as this offense. One minute he'll be dropping crucial passes (highest drop rate among Redskins receivers) and another he'll be converting 3rd & 25 on a game-tying drive. He's not what he used to be but Robert trusts him in big situations (see Minnesota game) and I do too. I still vote to put Tana back on punt return duty.
The Defense had 66 plays

Number of Snaps Name
66 (100%) Perry Riley, David Amerson, DeAngelo Hall
62 (94%) Brandon Meriweather
59 (89%) Josh Wilson
58 (88%) Ryan Kerrigan
57 (86%) London Fletcher
53 (80%) Brian Orakpo
52 (79%) Reed Doughty
45 (68%) Barry Cofield
33 (50%) Jarvis Jenkins
23 (35%) Chris Baker
19 (29%) Kedric Golston
17 (26%) Bacarri Rambo
13 (20%) Rob Jackson
12 (18%) Stephen Bowen
8 (12%) Trenton Robinson, Darryl Tapp
5 (8%) Nick Barnett
4 (6%) EJ Biggers

What Stands Out
  • The Redskins tied a season high for the amount of defensive players they utilized in this game at 20 players. Aside from Stephen Bowen and EJ Biggers' injuries, all the other substitutions appeared to be made to keep guys fresh...or Haslett was just searching for answers.
  • It is a rare sight to see London Fletcher as only the 7th most utilized defender on this team but that is what it has come to. At 86% of the snaps, Fletcher played in his lowest percentage of snaps this year. Is the transition beginning?
What should be noted is that the Redskins are about as healthy as a team could hope to be at this point in the season and yet they haven't been able to put it all together. Teams like Houston and Atlanta can point to significant injuries to explain their woes but the Redskins have no where to look but internally. This apparent internal struggle public as the Redskins face the 49ers on MNF and Giants on SNF in their next two games. How they show up could determine job security going forward. Hope for a bright future is far from lost but the winds of change are coming.