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Collection of Post-Game Quotes from Eagles and Redskins

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With chatter flying that Redskins players are calling out coaches and that Mike Shanahan was out schemed, here's the full quotes to draw one's own conclusions.

Rich Schultz

When a team is basically eliminated from the playoffs in mid November, there's going to be a lot of vitriol floating around along with the MMQB finger pointing. People are already saying RGIII called out his coaches for being out-schemed and other things. Here's a list of of the quotes to draw your own conclusion. One thing is clear. Josh Morgan is not happy.

That tweet ran wild and people drew conclusions RGIII is calling out Shanahan. Here is the full quote via WaPost:

"They did a good job of scheming us up," quarterback Robert Griffin said. "They kind of knew what was coming before it was coming and that was disheartening. But like I told the guys, regardless of what's going on out there, we're the players and we have to make the plays work, and we just weren't doing that in the first half."


"I don't think we've become predictable. I just think they had the right call in the right situation and they lucked into some pretty good recoveries."

So, to me it sounds like the Redskins have become predictable...especially based on Chip Kelly's comments below. I don't think RG had malicious intent's just a fact.

Then there's the furious, Josh Morgan, who was inactive vs the Eagles and told not to talk:

"Coach said I can't talk. Coach said I can't play football and I can't talk."

With Hankerson due for a knee MRI and a suspected LCL injury, Morgan could be right back in the lineup. Although it certainly sounds like bridges were burned there.

London Fletcher on the defense via WaPost...

"For the most part, when we look at what they did on film, the plays they hit us with, they had already shown," Fletcher said. "They believe in their offense and their system and just try to adjust to what we were doing. Defensively, we played a lot of man-to-man, so they ran a lot of man-beaters and crossing routes and things like that to try to free up their guys, so that was part of their game-plan. Tight end delay, tight end screen, running back screen - a lot of things to beat man coverage."

Chip Kelly agrees...

Chip Kelly's full presser in video is available here. He gave praise to RGIII but recognized they were able to get a lot of pressure on him which made it hard to set his feet. In regards to the defensive scheme the Redskins played:

"It just depends on how they're playing you. They played us off a little bit, were going to let us throw the ball underneath. If they're going to do that, we need to convert in those situations. I thought that was a big part of what we were doing in the first half. They gave us some room to kind of get running. If we get running, then we got to run for the first down instead of throw for the first down....I think the run after the catch is big if they are going to play off you."

DeSean Jackson on the Redskins D stepping up in the 2nd half...

"Honestly, it was just the point of the game where [Washington] had our number. They were stopping us, and we weren't able to get on a roll. You credit them, because they did some great things. Throughout the course of the game, sometimes things happen like that.