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Trent Williams Accuses Ref of Cursing at Him

A bizarre development to end a disappointing day

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Trent Williams was upset immediately after the game, which would come as no surprise to anyone watching. What was surprising, however, was the story Williams had to tell: An official came up to him at the line of scrimmage and cursed at him.

Trent said the referee called him a "garbage a**, disrespectful mother******." Williams continued, "I'm at a loss for words... It sucks."

Kory Lichtensteiger overheard the exchange and verified Trent's story. Across the room, Pierre Garçon chimed in and warned Williams not to continue complaining about the official, saying he'd only get fined and nothing would change.

I have a feeling we haven't heard the last of this incident, especially if Kory Lichtensteiger was mic'd up, as has been reported. In the meantime, can anyone remember a scenario like this before?

UPDATE: The accused official has been identified as Roy Ellison. When a pool reporter approached the lead referee Walt Coleman to ask for comment, Coleman directed the bus driver to roll up the windows and drive away. According to Pro Football Talk, NFL Spokesman Brian McCarthy has said the league will look into the incident.