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5 Questions with Bleeding Green Nation

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Bleeding Green Nation Manager, Brandon Lee Gowton, answers questions on how the defense has turned it around and the development of Lane Johnson.

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1.) The Eagles are 3rd in most rushing attempts with 304 and are 2nd in yards per carry average at 5.0...has anyone been able to stop the run?

In short, not really. The Eagles face a lot of nickel sets because they employ 11 personnel very often. That means more cornerbacks on the field and less linebackers. LeSean McCoy is pretty good, if you haven't already noticed, and the run blocking in front of him is usually top notch.

2.) Riley coopers devoplment. Has he been the beneficiary of 8 man boxes to stop McCoy and teams rolling coverages towards Jackson or is he just beating coverages?

The biggest reason why Cooper's put up big numbers recently is probably because of the change at quarterback. Michael Vick would often wait for his receivers to get open. This is an issue for Cooper, who lacks the ability to separate. Nick Foles has more of a chemistry with Cooper and tries to throw him open instead of waiting for the space to be there. Foles is putting the ball where it needs to be and it's up to Cooper to make the play.

3.) Lane Johnson seems to be progressing well. How would you assess his game so far and are there any weakness in his game the Redskins can attack?

I would say Lane definitely flashes signs of talent. Overall he's been up and down, but his play has seemed to come on in recent weeks. I'd say his weakness is staying disciplined when handling pass rushers. His run blocking is excellent at times. He has the athleticism to get to the next level and make blocks down field.

4.) The defense started off historically bad but has been good over about the last month. What changed?

The Eagles' defensive improvement can be attributed to a couple of reasons. One, the players have seemed to settle in to the new 3-4 defense. An adjustment phase was only natural, and the Eagles are now looking more comfortable. Two, the players are simply playing better. Example: Nate Allen. He really struggled to open the season, but he's put together some solid performances since then. Philadelphia tends to give up a lot of yards, but they start to buckle down in the redzone. A typical bend but don't break defense.

5.) Eagles haven't won a home game since two Halloween ago and Nick Foles struggled mightily his last game at the Linc. What's your prediction for the game?

38-30, Eagles win. Nick Foles leads the team to a streak-ending victory.

So, it took the Eagles approximately eight weeks to adjust to the 3-4. The Redskins are on year four.

Thanks to Brandon...follow him on Twitter: @BrandonGowton

Here are my answers to Bleeding Green Nation's questions: