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Sunday Slop: Rematch versus the Eagles

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A look at the top stories as the Redskins head to Philly to play the Eagles.



Kyle Shanahan Wants Fast Start For Redskins | CSN Washington

When the Redskins squared off with the Eagles in September, it's fair to say neither the offense nor defense looked prepared.

Redskins Gameday 10 Thoughts | ESPN NFC East Blog

There are a lot of good running backs in the NFL. Not sure many are held in higher esteem by the Redskins' defenders than Philadelphia's LeSean McCoy. One Redskin compared him to Barry Sanders in terms of his footwork. If you asked the Redskins who the most underrated player in the league is, many would say McCoy.

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Riddick: Redskins Passing Game is Simple | ESPN NFC East Blog

"Take away the play-action game from them and we have them right where we want them," said Riddick, who was a scout and also the director of pro personnel with both the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles. "You know you can rush against that offensive line and [Robert Griffin III's] ability as a passer in a traditional sense has not reached a level where you're that worried about it."

Barry Cofield Confident in Defensive Improvement | ESPN NFC East Blog

He called the first half a perfect storm working against them. That's why Washington Redskins nose tackle Barry Cofield is confident things will be different for his defense in their second meeting against the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday.

Redskins Alfred Morris Doing More with Less | Washington Post The Insider

Used in a more limited capacity for much of the season than he was last year, Alfred Morris appears to have resumed his role as workhorse back for the Washington Redskins' offense.

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Game Day Q&A: Niles Paul reclaiming his job | Washington Post The Insider

The Washington Redskins last week went back to Niles Paul as their kick returner after failing to get the desired results from rookie running back Chris Thompson and wide receiver Josh Morgan.

Need to Know: Are the Redskins abandoning the run | Real Redskins

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