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Daily Slop: DeAngelo Hall Limited in Thursday’s Practice; Redskins try to Jump-Start Return Game

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Daily Collection of Redskins News From Around the Web

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Redskins try to jump-start return game
"Just from watching the Vikings film, a lot of people were like, ‘Aw, it was only 26, 25 [yards] or whatever our return [was].’ But it’s literally one block away," Paul said. "You’re one man away. … It’s that easy. It’s that quick. It’s that simple. So knowing that and going into this week, I think we’ve built a lot of confidence. I think we’re due to break one on a punt or kick return."

Haslett believes Redskins have another 7-0 run in them
"Right now, we’re just in that mode of trying to win one game and move on from there. That’s where we’re at more than anything," Haslett said. But he went on to say that the team’s players and coaches do indeed hold the firm belief that a turnaround is possible. "I think our guys believe they can do it again," Haslett said. "I said last year at this time, I made a comment to coach [Shanahan], and I said, ‘We’re going to win our next seven games and win our division.’ I said it last week. I said, ‘I feel good about where we’re at.’ "

Josh Morgan: ‘I know I didn’t do anything to lose my job’
"It’s more that Hankerson has been stepping it up so we’ve given Hank more reps," Shanahan said Thursday. "Something we said back in training camp — those guys have been competing since the starting of OTAs this year through camp. They’re always neck and neck. Right when one guy would take a step up, the next day he would take a step back and they’re always right here. And that’s how it was kind of at the beginning of the year. We just felt on the practice field that Hank had been stepping it up. So we’ve been giving him a few more opportunities, especially on third down and stuff, more passing situations. And that’s how it’s been. So it doesn’t mean it’s final. But we evaluate everything every day and week to week, and Hank has definitely earned more playing time as the time has gone on." Morgan said his decreased role actually is easier to accept given that he’s playing for his home-town team.

DeAngelo Hall limited in Thursday’s practice
"He’s a little bit sore so we kept him out," Shanahan said. "He didn’t take full reps." Defensive end Stephen Bowen also was a limited participant in Thursday’s practice, Shanahan said. Bowen has been playing with a knee injury that he "tweaked… a little bit," according to Shanahan. "Neither guy should be any problem," Shanahan said. "At least that’s what we think."

RGIII: Dealing with pressure hard here, but ‘I’ve got tough skin’
"You take life as it comes. Life’s going to throw you curveballs sometimes. You just have got to figure out which ones to try and hit," Griffin said. "Right now, it’s not a burden. It’s a burden if you make it a burden. You’ve got to believe. It only takes one person to believe so you can have success. I always believe in this team. I always believe in these players and so on and so on. That’s what it is for me. It’s not a burden. I understand what comes with being the quarterback of the Washington Redskins. I understand what comes with being a quarterback in the NFL. And yeah, it might be a little harder here because of certain aspects of what goes on around this team. I understand that."

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If you call for the firing of Shanahan after this year, then you are no better than the owner who angered you for years with his meddling and influence. We all know that Shanahan told Daniel Snyder he would need five years to dig this franchise out of the grave the owner had dug for it. You have to give Shanahan that fifth season. You have to see the end of this movie.

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