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Which Redskins Player has Regressed the Most Since the 2012 Season?

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Which Redskin has regressed most in 2013?

Patrick McDermott

Recently, Kevin did a post asking fans which Redskins they felt had improved the most since the 2012 season. In the spirit of fun and equality, I thought it only right to do a poll asking fans who has regressed most since the 2012 season.

My choices are below, but if you feel a player is deserving of a nomination, please add them in the comment section.

Will Montgomery - Certainly not a banner season so far for the struggling center. I didn't believe the hype SOME services were giving him last season, and I certainly believe he has become a major liability this season.

Kory Lichtensteiger - Not to say he was "good" last season, but I believe he was at least serviceable. Now, he's fallen below replacement level(if that is possible).

London Fletcher - Wow, how the great have fallen. Fletcher went from being the rock of our defense, to the pillow that opposing teams rest their heads on. Oh well, it was great while it lasted.

Chris Chester - His play hasn't been as bad as fellow linemen Montgomery and Licht, but considering he played at a Pro Bowl level last season, his play has certainly been disappointing so far in 2013.

Josh Morgan - Morgan has done nothing to make this roster any better. As of now, he's an over-paid blocker, and special teams hazard.

Santana Moss - For how great fans thought he played last season(and I for one was not one of them), he's all but disappeared this season. I didn't want him back in 2013, and I certainly hope he hangs them up in 2014.

Sav Rocca - Rocca has not been good this season(not saying he was great by any means last season), and his time with the team is nearing an end.