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Week 6 Power Rankings Round-up:

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A look at where the Redskins stand in power rankings around the web.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation: 27th

-SB Nation points out the positives of the bye with avoiding injuries, but then they try to slam the Redskins name. Somehow insisting that most people are offended by it, perhaps they should learn the definitions of "most" and "offended".

Behind the Steel Curtain: 26th

-The Steelers SB Nation site, laments that the Redskins won't  get  to feast on the hapless Giants until December and they take to task the Redskins defense as the weakest link.

Mile High Report: 26th

-Despite the bye week the Redskins dropped two spots as  the Denver site doesn't have a lot of confidence in the Redskins team. The particularly question their ability to stop Dallas this week.

Big Blue View: 27th

-The Giants site keeps the Redskins in the same spot, but wonders if Mike Shanahan can turn it around after the bye week.

CBS Sports: 26th

- Pat Kirwan has the Redskins at 26 and wonders if RGIII is ready to start opening up the pistol option attack after the bye.

Fox Sports: 25th

-Brian Billick moves the Redskins up two spots. He breaks down the chances for 1-3 teams to make the playoffs, but acknowledges that in this division the Redskins hopes are still very much alive.

ESPN: 27th

-ESPN moves the Skins down two spots, but mentions how they are still in this playoff race. They go on to suggest that given the upcoming schedule it could be a tough road for the Redskins.

Fanspeak: 23rd

-With the bye I didn't move the Redskins up or down this early in the season. My focus is instead on the importance of this week's game versus the Cowboys and how that could lead to a significant jump in the rankings with a win.