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Report: Redskins name change will not be discussed at owners meetings

The NFL owners will meet Tuesday in Washington to discuss several matters, but the Redskins potential name change is not on the agenda.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Owners will not discuss the matter of a Redskins name change during Tuesday's NFL owner meetings in Washington, according to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio.

On Monday, a symposium to promote the change of the Washington Redskins name was held to overlap the meetings and push for a discussion on the matter. Despite that, no plans to do so have been made apparent.

According to The Washington Post's Mark Maske, talking points will include shortening the preseason and potentially extending the postseason, although no decision on those matters are expected to be made on Tuesday.

However, on matters that have been decided, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport confirmed that teams will be forced to participate in HBO's Hard Knocks series if there are no volunteers. Reprieves from this will only be granted for teams that have new coaches or were in the playoffs the preceding year. Hard Knocks has had a participant in every season since 2007 when the show resumed, with 2011's lockout-shortened training camp being the exception.

And though the matter of the Redskins name will not be decided Tuesday, or anytime soon, there won't be any shortages of opinions on the matter: