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2013 Redskins First Quarter MVP

Mike Harar looks at five players who may deserve to be called MVP's after the first four games of the season.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

In what has been an extremely disappointing season thus far with a 1-3 record, the Redskins have had, sadly, very few outstanding individual performances. There have been some men, however, who have played excellent football at times. Here is a list of players who could potentially get an MVP vote:

- OLB Ryan Kerrigan: Through four games (while playing on an overall terrible defense), Kerrigan has 24 tackles, two forced fumbles and is tied for 4th in the NFL with five sacks. He has a rare combination of strength and speed and has sometimes looked unstoppable. His continued excellent play will be essential to the defense improving.

- RB Alfred Morris: This biggest overall complaint about Morris so far, is that coaches have not given him enough carries. Going into the bye week, he has 56 rushes for 296 yards and two touchdowns. In the first two games against the Eagles and Packers, he was limited as the Redskins got behind early and then had to go away from the run. Another issue is that the Redskins have done an awful job of converting on third downs (26th in the league at 32%) and the offense has had less offensive opportunities. There is really no indication though, that he cannot be the same back that broke records last year and stole every fan's heart.

- CB DeAngelo Hall: Through four games (while playing on an overall terrible defense), Hall has 19 combined tackles, two passes defended, one interception for a touchdown and one fumble recovery for a touchdown. The saddest statistic of all, is that Hall leads the Redskins in first half scoring in 2013 with those two touchdowns.

- WR Pierre Garcon: Garcon has played the best football of his career up to this point, with 29 catches for 339 yards and two touchdowns. He is by far the Redskins' best wide receiver and has made big play after big play this season. I would hate to see where this offense would be without him.

- QB Robert Griffin III: Make no mistake, the Griffin of 2013 is not the Griffin of 2012. At least, so far he isn't. He does not run as fast. His passes aren't as crisp or quite as on target. He does not seem to have the same command of the offense that he had last year. He has almost been a shell of himself. Despite all of that, he is basically one Aldrick Robinson dropped touchdown pass away from having this team tied for first place in the NFC East at 2-2. And, he is doing this while he has used the first four regular season games as his preseason. And, he had complete reconstructive knee surgery in January! The expectations of him were so great after last year, some self-created and some fan-created, it has made his play this year seem pedestrian. Each week though, his play has progressively gotten better and he has visibly become more comfortable playing with his new knee. There is no reason to think that won't continue.

So there are my top five choices. There are others who have managed to play well in spots, but I feel these five have had the biggest positive impacts thus far. Let us know what you think below.

Hopefully, it will be much easier to find an MVP choice at the halfway point of the season.