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DeAngelo Hall and Jordan Reed Surpass Expectations Against a Tough Broncos Team

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After the fantastic performances by DeAngelo Hall and Jordan Reed against the Denver Broncos, they are the Teammates of the Week.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

This weeks Call of Duty theme points out the best players in the Redskins most recent game against the Broncos. And while the Redskins did not win the game, DeAngelo Hall and Jordan Reed deserve to be highlighted as the Teammates of the Week.

DeAngelo Hall has really risen from the ashes this season. Hall created two turnovers against the Broncos last Sunday, both of them interceptions from the Great Peyton Manning. On his first interception, Hall took advantage of a miscue (or falling down, whichever term you prefer) between Peyton Manning and Demaryius Thomas and returned an interception for a touchdown. Hall already has 3 defensive scores on the season. Wow. His second interception was incredible. After sticking with Thomas downfield, Hall caught the ball right out of Thomas’ hands. It was a spectacular play for Hall, who is playing at a pro-bowl level so far this season.

Jordan Reed is like a 7-11. This guy is always open. Jordan Reed had 8 receptions for 90 yards between Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins in Sunday’s game against the Broncos. Reed creates such a bad match-up for opposing linebackers and his targets have drastically increased over the past few weeks. While Robert Griffin III and some of the Redskins offense are struggling, Reed is thriving. While Pierre Garcon and Alfred Morris have also been good this season, Jordan Reed has been spectacular after leading the team in receptions the past two weeks.