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Missing In "Action" - Redskins that Need to Step Up

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With the Redskins sitting at 1-3 heading into their Bye Week and then a big matchup against Dallas, there are some guys who have not been stepping up. These players, among other issues, need to change if the Skins are going to turn it around this season.


It would be too easy to say the entire secondary minus DHall, but here are four guys who need to find themselves as the season rolls on:

Bacarri Rambo: This is a no brainer.  He has gone from starting safety to the bench in a matter of a month.  E.J. Biggers who is not even listed at the position is seeing more time than Rambo as well as veteran Reed Doughty.  Even though the team played on a mix of infield dirt and grass last season, I'm not sure Rambo had to have his jersey washed.  It looked white and shiny from his spot on the sideline.

Bottom line: Rambo is a rookie and it was impressive that he was listed as a starter in the first place.  He will learn and get better as the season goes on, but needs to show more than he has on special teams and spots when sees action.

Aldrick Robinson: For a guy who is supposed to be a home run hitter, he is quickly racking up strikeouts on the year.  At first it seemed that he wasn't being used enough, but now it's obvious that you can't always rely on 11 when he is in the game.  No need to look further than the dropped TD against Detroit.  It was the definition of a game changing play, and one we were used to seeing from Robinson last year

Bottom line: Robinson has only been targeted six times this season.  I think we will see more of the home run hitter this year, but it will come with his fair share of whiffs.  The offense really hasn't taken many deep shots, so part of the blame can go there.  But he needs to make the most of his chances so he can prove he deserves a spot with this team moving forward.

Chris Thompson: Brandon Banks Thompson has the speed and skills to take any ball to the house.  It seems that he lacks the vision to make it happen.  This seems like déjà vu all over again.  Brandon Banks earned a roster spot when he took a return back for a touchdown in a late preseason game and then was not really heard from until he shot the duck that landed in Santana Moss' arms against the Pats ( I still love that play). But back to Thompson.  He needs to avoid anymore comparisons to Banks, because we know how Banks' tenure ended in Washington... the bench and the door out.

Bottom line: Again, a rookie who was rusty and recovering when he was drafted.  Hopefully he will shake that and we will see some of the Florida State Thompson, but he has to improve his vision on the field.  AND not fielding punts when he is in the shadow of his own goal posts.  Joshua Morgan returned the opening kickoff against the Raiders and might from now on, and Thompson's long of 11 yards on punt returns just won't cut it (not to mention it feels like you have to hold your breath every time he goes to field the punt).  The alternatives are not good with Richard Crawford's absence with Moss and DeAngelo Hall the only two with real experience.  And those two just don't need to be out there on special teams.  Thompson will need to learn on the fly, but there is no other option right now.

Fred Davis: This season may not have been bigger for anyone not named Robert Griffin III than it was for Davis.  Having the chance to redeem himself and show that he is a legitimate threat at tight end, Davis has been anything but dangerous this year.  He was on pace for a great year before going down with an injury last season and was expected by many to pick right back up at that level.  But three catches for 25 yards puts him right around Alfred Morris numbers and five yards ahead of Niles Paul.  Niles Paul.

Bottom line: Maybe it is rust, but Fred doesn't look like the weapon he once was.  He only managed five, FIVE snaps against Oakland.  Logan Paulsen was a hero of the team last year at tight end and Jordan Reed is looking more like the tight end of the future for this team.  Maybe with Paulsen and Reed being banged up, Fred will get the chance to prove himself.  But that makes what, three chances to prove himself?  Davis may be playing himself out of another big contract.

At least we aren't still talking about Madieu Williams...