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Daily Slop: Morris not Complaining About Lack of Carries; Shanahan believes Meriweather has Learned his Lesson

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Daily Collection of Redskins News From Around the Web

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Brandon Meriweather: You Gotta Go Low, Tear ACLs and End Careers " CBS DC
Washington Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather was fired up as he returned to the team Monday following a one-game suspension for repeated helmet-to-helmet collisions.

Redskins Loss In Denver Falls Squarely On Kyle Shanahan " CBS DC
"All we had to do was get a couple drives offensively going, keep Denver off the field, and we could have dictated the outcome of the game," Mike Shanahan lamented after his Redskins were overwhelmed 38-0 during the remaining 26:25.

Redskins offense suffers serious regression this season |

A look at how and why the Redskins offense is struggling, including why it is such a bad decision to go to a more pass happy offense.

Redskins Stand Tall But Fall: Washington’s Team Grades Against Denver Broncos " CBS DC
DeAngelo Hall kept things up against Denver, intercepting two passes from Peyton Manning, and of course returning one of those to the house. Hall’s touchdown added him to the history books as the first Redskin defender to score three touchdowns in a season.

Meriweather fires back at Brandon Marshall | Comcast SportsNet Washington
"To be honest, man, you have to go low now, man," he said. "You have to end people’s career. You got to tear people’s ACLs and mess up people knees now. You can’t hit them high anymore. You just have to go low."

Morris not complaining about lack of carries | Comcast SportsNet Washington

Need to Know: Morris’ workload getting lighter | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
DENVER--Here is what you need to know on this Monday, October 28, six days before the Washington Redskins host the San Diego Chargers. Nickel coverage Five notes from the Redskins’ 45-21 loss to the Broncos 1.

Chris Cooley calls Albert Haynesworth ‘an awful human being’
"His goal from the get-go was to take that money. He also indicated to many players on the team that his new goal was to get released as soon as possible, sign another maybe $10, 12 million contract — that’s verbatim — go somewhere, play for a year and probably get released, and keep that money too. I mean, if it was a player on this team currently, I would not discuss this on the air. But being the player that he was, and the guy that he was around here, this was open [knowledge] among many players in this locker room: that his goal was basically to take money.

Dexter Manley apologizes for insulting Troy Aikman on WTOP (updated)

Five observations from the Redskins’ loss to the Broncos

Redskins still interested in dealing Fred Davis as trade deadline nears

Shanahan believes Meriweather has learned his lesson
"Brandon knows that he’s got to go lower or he’s not going to be playing in the National Football League," the coach said. "You’ve got to hit in that waist area. You can’t go too low because you’re going to get fined there too. You know it’s above the knee and lower than the chin, somewhere in that chest area, and you’re going to have to step up because you can’t penalize your team and you can’t penalize yourself."

The Outsider: Position-by-position review of the Redskins 45-21 loss to the Broncos
By Mark Bullock

Morris and Moss address the second-half play-calling
"Just play, man. Whatever is called, we’ve got to go out and execute it," wide receiver Santana Moss said. "You know, if we come up short, then we come up short. We had a lot of shortcomings because we didn’t get the job done. Then at the end, game got out of hand, and we tried to pass a little more, try to give ourselves a chance, and you can’t just play that way."

Shanahan's Legacy Still Being Written
On Sunday, Washington Redskins HC Mike Shanahan returned to the city where he won two Super Bowls. He said after the game he hopes to bring that kind of legacy to Washington.

Redskins' passing game still sputtering as RG3, receivers out of sync - Washington Times
Griffin has had his moments this season, but his accuracy throwing the ball has clearly regressed. He completed just 15 of 30 passes for 132 yards against Denver with two interceptions. Griffin has completed just 59 percent of his 268 attempts this season. That ranks 25th in the NFL. Griffin's passer rating is 79.2. That is 21st.

A fitting apparent end to Michael Vick era - NFC East Blog - ESPN
PHILADELPHIA -- Chances are that Michael Vick will see the field again in an Eagles uniform. That's just how Chip Kelly's first season as head coach a

Cowboys flunk situational football late - NFC East Blog - ESPN
IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has preaches the importance of situational football every day. The Cowboys did not do well...

Tuesday's NFL Rewind- Megatron Dominates and the NFC East keeps falling |

Week 9 NFL Power Rankings |