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Sunday Slop: Redskins vs Broncos

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A look at the top stories around the web as the Redskins are set to face the Broncos today.

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Game Preview: Redskins vs Broncos | CSN Washington

Could it be the perfect time for the Redskins to face the toughest opponent on their schedule?

Redskins vs Broncos: 5 Keys and a Prediction | Real Redskins

Redskins fans will probably be relieved if the game is close at halftime, but if that's the case it's a typical Broncos game. Denver has outscored its opponents by just a combined 24 points in the first halves of their games (128-104). That means their average lead at halftime has been just three or four points. But Denver blows the doors off of the other team in the second half, piling up a margin of 77 points (170-93, 11 points/game). So root for the Redskins to have a solid halftime lead and maybe they will be able to hang on.

Predicting the Redskins Inactives: Week 8 |

A look at the seven players likely to be inactive for today's game.

Jaworski: Redskins offense stagnated | ESPN NFC East Blog

The Washington Redskins knew defenses would adjust to what they ran last season. The hard part was making their own adjustments, at least to the extent they might have preferred.

Reed Doughty ruled out for Denver | WP The Insider

What the Week 8 Injury Report could mean for the Redskins |

Need to Know: High scoring performances tough to repeat | Real Redskins

The Redskins scored 45 points against the Bears last Sunday, their highest point total since Robert Griffin III came to town at the start of last season. Their previous high was 40 on the 2012 season opener against the Saints.

Game Day Q&A: Chris Baker | WP The Insider

After three unsuccessful seasons of trying to crack a 53-man NFL roster, defensive lineman Chris Baker finally reached his breakthrough last season as he earned a role as backup nose tackle with the Redskins.

Redskins 5 Keys to Beat Denver |

NFC East: Where does each team stand after Week 7 |