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Hazard's Huddle: Read-Option Run Package vs. Chicago Bears

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An All-22 film breakdown of the Washington Redskins Read-Option run plays vs. the Chicago Bears.

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Over the last two days, I've dissected the Redskins run game vs. the Bears. I broke down the stretch plays first (you can find Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE), and now I'll be taking a look at the Redskins Read-Option run package vs. Chicago.


The first Read-Option run play is from the Pistol formation with 21 personnel. Robert Griffin III is reading the DE (red circle).


The DE crashes down on Morris so RG3 keeps. Darrel Young has the kick out block.


Paulsen and Garcon with great blocks on the outside. RG3 is 1-on-1 with the safety. He maneuvers through blocks to get to sideline. END RESULT: RG3 - Gain of 23 yards.Coach_clips__3__medium

I want you to look at this picture. After the gain of 23, RG3 stares down brand-new DB Trenton Robinson as if to say, "I'm BACK and I've got this ALL DAY!" This is a swagger that has been missing since the 2012 season.


Read-Option run play from Pistol formation with 21 personnel again. RG3 reading the DE.


Julius Peppers commits to Alfred Morris so RG3 keeps the ball. D.Young has the kick out block.


Pierre Garcon, Logan Paulsen and D.Young all with good blocks. RG3 has clean path to sideline. END RESULT: RG3 - Gain of 7 yards.


Read-Option from the Pistol formation. 21 personnel. RG3 reading the DE.


DE chips Trent Williams, who is now late to LB. Kory Lichtensteiger and Trent both miss their blocks (white arrows) but two Bears commit to Morris so RG3 keeps the ball. D.Young has kick-out block.


RG3 is 1-on-1 with Safety here in open field. RG3 beats him to sideline where Garcon has a good block but Charles Tillman is able to get a good hit on Griffin before he can get out of bounds. END RESULT: RG3 - Gain of 13 yards.


Here's a Read-Option play from Pistol formation with 12 personnel even though there are three players in the backfield. One is L.Paulsen and Joshua Morgan motioned into the backfield. RG3 reading the DE.


The DE crashes down on Morris so RG3 keeps the ball. L.Paulsen is coming around to block and J.Morgan becomes pitch-man. Essentially, a 3rd option.


Now you'd think Paulsen would block this LB, right? Nope, that's not his responsibility. That LB has to play the pitch-man so Paulsen heads to the 3rd level.


Unfortunately for us, the LB plays it well. He stays between RG3 and Morgan then reduces to RG3. END RESULT: RG3 - Gain of 7 yards.


This is a Read-Option run from the Pistol formation with 12 personnel. Redskins lined up two TEs (Paulsen and Reed) to one side and then Paulsen motioned into the backfield. RG3 is reading the DE.


Peppers commits to Morris so RG3 keeps the ball. Are you noticing a trend yet? Paulsen comes around and blocks any trash that leaks from the middle of the field.


With Lance Briggs in pursuit, RG3 reads Garcons block takes it out of bounds. END RESULT: RG3 - Gain of 9 yards.


Here's a Read-Option play from the Pistol formation (surprise!) from 12 personnel. RG3 is reading the DE (surprise!).


The DE crashes on the RB so RG3 keeps the ball. Paulsen coming around to block Briggs.


Paulsen doesn't get a very good block on Briggs, forcing RG3 to take it far outside.


RG3 can't turn it up-field so he is forced out of bounds. END RESULT: RG3 - Gain of 1 yard.


Redskins go back to Pistol formation with 21 personnel. RG3 reading the DE.


The DE crashes on Morris so RG3 keeps the ball. The OLB is tricked by the ball fake and starts heading inside leaving D.Yound no one to block. Trent Williams (yellow circle) is losing position on Jon Bostic though.


D.Young helps TWill get block on Bostic so RG3 can reach edge. END RESULT: RG3 - Gain of 7 yards.


This is a Read-Option from Pistol formation with 21 personnel. This time though, Redskins are going to attack the weak-side DE.


Two Bears crash inside on Morris but RG3 gives him the ball anyway. Morris is tackled immediately. This was his ONLY bad read from the Read-Option run package against the Bears. He should have kept the ball.


RG3 claps his hands here in frustration because he knows he made the wrong read. Look at the room he would have had if he would have kept the ball. Instead, END RESULT: Morris - No gain.


Kyle/RG3 KNOW they missed a big gain on that last play so the very next play, the go with the same formation (pistol), same personnel (21) and same exact play. They're going at the weak-side DE again.


It's like they got a mulligan because the DE and LB both crash on Morris again but this time, RG3 keeps the ball.


If RG3 goes out of bounds here, it'll be a 10 yard gain. Instead, he cuts back inside and D.Young gets called for holding. It was a flimsy call in my opinion but why does RG3 cut back inside? To keep the clock running? We were losing at this point. END RESULT: 10 yard penalty against D.Young.


Redskins go with Read-Option run play for the 3rd play in a row in the 4th quarter. It's the same exact play with the same personnel as the last two except the formation is flipped. RG3 is still reading the weak-side DE.


The DE crashes on Morris so RG3 keeps the ball. Unfortunately, Tyler Polumbus (white arrow) over-runs his block.


LB beats Polumbus and sets contain which forces RG3 back into the DE. They both combine to make the tackle. END RESULT: RG3 - Gain of 3 yards.


Here's the last Read-option play and it's a different look. Pistol formation with 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE which means 3 WRs on the field). RG3 is reading the RDE.


DE gets a piece of Polumbus which keeps him outside so RG3 gives to Alfred Morris. Monty is in a good position for block on LB (white arrow).


Morris cuts behind Monty's block (yellow circle) and gets to 3rd level. END RESULT: Morris - Gain of 9 yards.

In conclusion, the Read-Option run package appears to be back from the dead. RG3 looked much more confident keeping the ball and getting to the outside. He hasn't done it on a consistent basis so defenses haven't respected it. The Chicago Bears CERTAINLY didn't respect it as they never made an adjustment to stop RG3. With each run, the Bears continued to assume that each would be the last time the Shanahan's would "risk" RG3. They gambled on that and lost. Opponents will look at this game and realize that they're going to have to adjust their game plans again against the Redskins.

Totals: 11 Read-Option run plays, 9 RG3 keeps (should have been 10), 2 Morris runs, 1 holding penalty, and a grand total of 79 yards.

Read-Option Run Package: 3 plays in 1st Qtr, 1 play in 2nd Qtr, 2 plays in 3rd Qtr, and 5 plays in 4th Qtr.