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Week 8 Power Rankings Round-up:

A look at where the Redskins stand in the power rankings after their win over Chicago.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation: 22nd

-SB Nation highlights the performance of RGIII in their win over the Bears as they jump them up 6 spots this  week.

Cincy Jungle: 27th

-The Bengals site actually drops the Redskins two spots despite winning the game on Sunday. They take the defense to task for all the points they allowed this year.

Phinsider: 26th

-The Dolphins site bumps the Redskins up two spots and focuses on Griffin's best performance to date this season.

Behind the Steel Curtain: 27th

-The Steelers site bumps the Redskins up two spots this week, and gives Roy Helu some credit. They do take the defense to task and knock Brandon Meriweather for his illegal hits.

CBS Sports: 22nd

-Pat Kirwan bumps the Redskins up, but isn't too complimentary of their chances especially these next two weeks.

Fox Sports: 24th

-Brian Billick bumps the Redskins up 4 spots and acknowledges the performance of RGIII. He also manages to take the defense to task, particularly the secondary which he believes prevents the Redskins from contending.

ESPN:  23rd

-ESPN bumps the Redskins up 5 spots, but worries that their recent success (I guess they are glossing over the Cowboys game) could stop in Denver. 24th

-I moved the Redskins up 4 spots this week, but aren't too confident with their chances of winning two in a row. I also note the oddity that both of the Redskins wins have come versus back-up quarterbacks.