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Hazard's Huddle: Stretch Series vs. Chicago Bears (Part 1)

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An All-22 film breakdown of Redskins stretch plays against the Chicago Bears

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

While re-watching the Washington Redskins vs. the Chicago Bears, I decided to take a look at the run game. Redskins are known for both the zone-blocking stretch series and their read-option plays. What went right? What went wrong? Who needs improvement? Which package do you prefer? Over the next two days, I'll be posting articles on the stretch series (broken into two parts) and the read-option run package. This is the stretch series (part 1):


Here we have a Zone Left in a Pistol formation with 21 personnel (2 RBs, 1 TE)


Julius Peppers uses a quick swim move on Trent Williams (left yellow) so now Darrel Young has to help pick that up. Kory Lichtensteiger releases to 2nd level (LB level) but over-runs and misses block.


Kory's man makes the tackle. END RESULT: Morris - Gain of 1 yard.


Here's a Zone Left with 12 personnel (1 RB, 2 TEs). J.Reed will come across formation to cut off backside pursuit.


Quick penetration in A-gap disrupts flow. Kory and Will Montgomery both block him but Kory is late to scrape and block LB.


Kory loses leverage on LB while Morris cuts off Trent Williams block. Kory's LB makes the tackle. END RESULT: Morris - Gain of 4 yards.


Side note: It was apparent by here that the Bears were mixing up gap assignments. They would line up their strong-side DT in the B-gap and make him jump into A-gap which messes up the flow/blocking assignments.


Here's another different look offensively. Zone Right from I formation. 21 personnel.


That strong-side DT gets through, almost has hand on RG3 during handoff.


Morris is forced to cut off that block right into unblocked backside DE Julius Peppers. END RESULT: Morris - Gain of 4 yards.


One adjustment you can make to stop that strong-side DT? Show a mixed strength. Logan Paulsen showing strength left but D.Young is showing strength right. Zone Right is the call.


Bears guess correctly though. DT lined up in B-gap jumps into A-gap. Monty and Chester get a piece of him. Monty releases to 2nd level.


Monty can't get to Briggs who strings the play to the sideline and makes the tackle. END RESULT: Morris - Gain of 4 yards.


Zone Left from Pistol formation. 12 personnel. Roy Helu in the backfield.


Monty gives up quick penetration but Kory and Chris Chester seal LBs so there is no one to fill the gap. END RESULT: Helu - 14 yard Touchdown


Here's a Zone Left from Pistol formation. 21 personnel.


Kory releases and gets a block on Jeff Bostic while D.Young seals Peppers inside. Trent collapses LB which makes pursuit fall/trip. END RESULT: Morris- Gain of 18 yards.


Here's a Zone Left from I formation. Bears LBs all shift to strong-side mixing up blocking assignments. Jon Bostic is going to shoot the B-gap here.


Bostic meets Young in the backfield who bumps into Morris and ruins play before it even had a chance. END RESULT: Morris - Loss of 2 yards.


Here's a Zone Right from Pistol formation. 12 Personnel. Redskins make an adjustment here. Monty is going to take the strong-side DT that keeps jumping into A-gap. Chester will release to 2nd level. HIs responsibility is the MLB but as you can see, Briggs and Bostic switch right at the snap.


Chris Chester starts chasing down Briggs who WAS the MLB but is now the OLB. Chester then sees Bostic and realizes THAT is his man. He's too late. Bostic makes the tackle. END RESULT: Helu - No gain.

That's all for the Redskins Stretch Series (Part 1). Share your thoughts on what you think of the way the Bears attacked our scheme. What adjustments should be made? Who needs to play better? Stand-by for Part 2, which is being released later.