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Report: Brandon Meriweather will appeal two-game suspension

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The Redskins' safety will take his case to the league and the NFL Players association to determine whether his two-game suspension will be upheld.

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather will appeal his two-game suspension served by the NFL, according to Fox Sports' Alex Marvez.

Meriweather was dealt the penalty after being flagged for two illegal hits versus the Bears on Sunday, which were just the latest amid a lengthy history of him doing so. Meriweather was also fined $42,000 earlier in the season after doling out a helmet-to-helmet hit on Packers running back Eddie Lacy.

Though the date of the hearing is not known at this time, The Washington Post reported Monday that a hearing and decision would be requested to take place before Sunday's game versus the Broncos in order to determine Meriweather's punishment, according to the league. The hearing will be jointly presided by officials of the NFL and the NFL Players Association.

Should Meriweather's suspension be upheld, the Redskins will be given a roster exemption, allowing them to sign an extra player in their safety's absence.

Update 1:54 p.m. ET: Meriweather's appeal will be heard Wednesday, according to Tom Pelissaro of USA Today. If the suspension is upheld, he will miss Sunday's game versus the Denver Broncos and the team's Nov. 3 matchup with the San Diego Chargers.