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Redskins Week 7 Power Rankings Round-up

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A look at where the Redskins rank around the league

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a look at the where the Redskins rank among the various Power Rankings around the web. Warning the results aren't for the faint of heart:

SBNation: 28th

-SBNation's power rankings focus on Griffin's improvements on the ground, but still wonder if he can play a complete game.

MileHighReport: 28th

-The Broncos site didn't have write-ups this week, but they did bump the Redskins down two spots.

Revenge of the Birds: 28th

-The Cardinals site actually knocks the defense, focusing on the missed tackles. They seem to believe the defense is the cause of all the Redskins issues.

Big Blue View: 27th

-The Giants site points out the failures of the special teams and the defense as to why the Redskins don't have their 2nd win this past week.

Bleeding Green Nation: 29th

-The Eagles site acknowledge that Griffin isn't producing like he was last year, and do compliment our defense for holding the Cowboys somewhat on Sunday Night. They do drop us a spot though.

Yahoo Shutdown Corner: 28th

-Yahoo gives the defense some props, while wondering why Alfred Morris isn't a bigger piece of the offense, considering the success he had a year ago.

CBS Sports: 27th

-Pat Kirwan takes Griffin's play to task in the Dallas game (his passing at least) and wonders how long it will take to get him back all the way.

ESPN: 27th

-The ESPN power rankings bring up an interesting point how the Redskins have allowed the highest completion percentage when they rush 4 or fewer pass rushers. Perhaps this explains why Josh Wilson was blitzing this week and the Redskins seem to be getting more creative with their blitzes.

Fox Sports: 28th

-Brian Billick talks about the failure of their Red Zone offense Sunday night and how that was uncharacteristic for their offense this season (though how few times we've actually made it to the Red Zone is sad). 28th

-I had tried to stay optimistic in recent weeks, but this team couldn't get up for their biggest game of the year against their biggest rival. The defense put in a great game, and yet the offense could only muster 16 points.