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It's Hard Being a Redskins Fan

How do we cope as fans of a 1-4 team?

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

For years, it was hard being a fan of the team from our nations capital. Last year, a savior came in the form of a franchise quarterback, blessed with a rare combination of intelligence, athleticism, maturity, leadership and desire to succeed - in other words, he was the polar opposite of the normal leaders in Washington.

Happy days(seasons)were sure to follow..................................

Turn the clock ahead one year, five months, 13 days, 3 hours and 21 minutes.

Did anyone expect us to be in the position we are in now?

What if Haloti Ngata didn't exist? What if god made knees out of Titanium instead of bone surrounded by ligaments, muscles and tendons? What if Will Montgomery could have made a catchable shotgun snap? What if, what if, what if...................................

WOW!  I just had a nightmare!  Thankfully I was just dreaming...............right? Wrong!

Just like in past years, yet again, it is hard being a Washington Redskins fan.

Monday in a post, I asked the question "who's to blame". Today I want to discuss what Redskins fans feel should happen to turn this team around. Please add you thoughts in the comments section.

Logical Options:

1) Switch up the offensive line - The offensive line has been a major problem this season, especially the center and guard positions. Two immediate upgrades are needed for Litch and Monty. Another may be in store for Chester, who is playing well below average. We are getting very little from these three positions as it is, so maybe an infusion of youth is needed. We have a few young guys who should be given a chance to prove they are NFL caliber. If they fail, we are in no worse spot than we are now. If they succeed, then Mike Shanahan may have saved his job.

2) Scour the waiver wire for a competent wide receiver - It's time to admit that our receiving core(outside of Garcon)stinks. Maybe we bring up a guy like Lance Lewis from the practice squad, or maybe we look at some free agents, or members of other teams practice squads to find a guy who can get separation, and is not afraid to catch the ball in traffic. Either way, something should be done.

3) Make a trade for a player(using a later round draft pick) - The Patriots did it last year, and it certainly worked in their favor with the trade for Talib. We need help at LB, S, WR, DL and OL. I understand people may be leary to spend a draft pick on a player who may be a potential 10 game rental, but just like the Patriots did last season, if it works out, you attempt to work out a long-term deal, our use the franchise tag. If it was a bad move, you lost a later round draft pick.

Drastic Options:

1) Trade away players for 2014 draft picks - Guys like Orakpo, Cousins, Davis and even Hankerson may be a few names that could be traded away for future picks. Some may not garner what we expect, and some could bring in a decent pick. It depends on how desperate other teams are, and what they are willing to give up.

2) Fire coaches - Jim Haslett's name has come up the most this season, but maybe the team needs a new, young, innovative head coach. It obviously wouldn't happen this year, as an interim coach on the current staff would have to be named, but it would set the table for an interesting off-season. Hey Bill O' ready to leave Penn State for 5 million per year?

3) Fire Bruce Allen - Although he's not really the head decision maker, the blame has to fall somewhere, and what better place to start than near the top.

4) Unveil a new uniform - Hell, if we are not going to make a change to the team, let's make one to its image. Bring back the spear helmet, and add a little Pro-Combat flare. While we are at it, let's change the name too(relax, it's just. Joke!).