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Redskins Recap: Redskins Fall to Cowboys in Dallas, Final Score 31-16

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The Redskins faded away in a Sunday night loss to the Cowboys. Robert Griffin III turned the ball over twice and the Redskins struggled in the red zone.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

1st Quarter:

-The Cowboys start the game with the ball on their own 20-yard line. Cowboys drive 80 yards and finish with a rushing touchdown by DeMarco Murray. Dallas 7, Washington 0.

-The Redskins start their first drive on their own 20-yard line. Jordan Reed has 2 very impressive catches on this drive. The Redskins quarterback draw on 3rd and goal comes up short, drive ends on a 20-yard field goal. Dallas 7, Washington 3.

-Next Cowboys drive starts on the 15-yard line. Cowboys drive up to the 40-yard line. End of the 1st quarter.

2nd Quarter:

-Cowboys drive into Redskins territory. Tony Romo’s pass is deflected and intercepted by Rob Jackson.

-Redskins forced to punt. The ball bounces off a Cowboys player, and the Redskins recover the ball. The ruling on the field is that the Cowboys player was blocked into the ball. Cowboys ball on the 31-yard line.

-Cowboys fail to convert on 3rd and 9 after a 10-yard penalty on 1st down. They are forced to punt. Josh Morgan Returns the ball back to the 22-yard line.

-Redskins forced to punt after a short drive. Redskins punt is down at the Cowboys 15 but a penalty forces the Redskins to re-kick. Cowboys return the punt for a touchdown. Redskins are flagged for a personal foul for contacting an official out of bounds. Dallas 14, Washington 3.

-Redskins return the kick off is returned to their 15-yard line. Redskins drive near the 40-yard line. 2-minute warning.

-Robert was sacked on the 36-yard line, but the Dallas bench was also flagged for a 15-yard personal foul.

-Jordan Reed has a big play, but the drive ends in a Redskins field goal. Cowboys 14, Redskins 6.

-End of the 2nd quarter. Redskins to start with the ball in the 3rd quarter.

3rd Quarter:

-Cowboys kick off results in a touchback. Redskins start the second half with at the 20-yard line.

-Robert Griffin III has a big run on third down and is hit while out of bounds. An additional 15-yards is tacked on at the end of the play. Redskins offense fails to convert a long 3rd down and they kick a field goal. Cowboys 14, Redskins 9.

-Redskins kick off is returned 90-yards by Dwayne Harris.

-Terrance Williams catches a 15-yard touchdown from Tony Romo. Cowboys 21, Redskins 9.

-Redskins start their next drive at their 20-yard line. A fumble recovered by Lichtensteiger forces the Redskins to punt.

-Cowboys possession results in a 3 and out. Cowboys punt. Redskins have the ball at their own 29-yard line.

-Robert has another big run play and is hit going out of bounds by a Dallas defender. 15-yards are added to the end of the play. Alfred Morris runs up the middle for a 45-yard touchdown. Dallas 21, Redskins 16.

-Cowboys start at their own 20-yard line. Perry Riley checks in with the first Redskins sack of the game. Cowboys 3 and out again and are forced to punt. Redskins return it to their own 39-yard line.

-Redskins driving down the field to the Cowboys 30-yard line.

-End of the third quarter.

4th Quarter:

-Redskins fail to convert on a 3rd and long an attempt a field goal. Forbath misses. Cowboys get the ball on 39-yard line.

-Cowboys drive down deep in Redskins territory. Dan Bailey kicks a 30-yard fields goal. Cowboys 24, Redskins 16.

-Robert Griffin III loses a fumble near the Redskins goal line. Cowboys runningback J. Randle scores. Cowboys 31, Redskins 16.

-Redskins start with the ball on their own 14-yard line. Redskins drive down the field and Robert Griffin III throws an interception in the end zone.

-Cowboys ball on their own 20-yard line. Cowboys run the ball to take some time off the clock. Cowboys punt and Joshua Morgan Returns it to the Redskins 19-yard line. Redskins fail to convert on 4th and 9. Turnover on downs.

-Cowboys run the ball 3 times and punt. Redskins run the ball twice.

-End of the 4th quarter.

Important Game Notes:

-Weird Calls: A Cowboys player touched the ball on a punt return and the Redskins recovered it. The officials ruled that the Cowboys player was blocked into the ball. That’s new. A Redskins coach was flagged for a 15-yard personal foul for contacting an official out of bounds. That’s new too.

-Jordan Reed and Leonard Hankerson: Both had pretty big games. Good to see the young receivers stepping up.

-DeAngelo Hall: Hall was making great plays the entire game. Dez Bryant had a very quiet game.

-Penalties: The Redskins offense had a ridiculous amount of penalties. 12 penalties for 97 yards will not going to win you any games.

-Turnovers: The Redskins lost the turnover battle 2 to 1. Both Redskins turnovers were by Robert Griffin III.