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Daily Slop: Forbath Says he’s Fully Healthy, Kicking Well in Practice; Redskins Preparing for Dallas’s new-look Defensive Front

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Daily Collection of Redskins News From Around the Web


Amerson ready to face Dallas, Dez, Romo | Comcast SportsNet Washington

Redskins preparing for Dallas’s new-look defensive front
"Their go-to guys are still there. You have to prepare for them to be the play-makers that they are," Redskins left guard Kory Lichtensteiger said. "They’ve got some new personnel, too, with some injuries and new players. But we just have to study and try to prepare as best we can."

Roles for Jenkins, Jackson unclear | Comcast SportsNet Washington

Limiting Romo, Bryant key for Redskins' D | Comcast SportsNet Washington
"He’s probably as good as I’ve seen," Haslett said of the 33-year-old Romo. "He’s a guy that can stay alive in the pocket, scramble … and [he has] the ability to still clear the field, look downfield and complete passes."

The Strongest Washington Redskins Player Of All-Time | 4th & Pain
There has been a long-standing debate as to who the strongest Washington Redskins player of all time actually is. Three names come to mind.

Bostic on Concussion Treatment in His Day: ‘Get Back In and Start Playing’ " CBS DC
In light of a recent documentary that aired on PBS - League of Denial - Jeff Bostic was asked about how concussions were treated during his playing career, in an interview with 106.7 The Fan's Holden and Danny. Bostic recounted a pretty telling story about the severity to which they were handled.

All-22: Breakdowns In The Dallas Defense Play To The Redskins Strengths
These are just a few examples of offenses taking advantage of the breakdowns in the Dallas defense, but they are breakdowns that play to the strengths of the Redskins offense. The question is will Robert Griffin III and the Redskins offense be able to take advantage of them on Sunday Night?

Jeff Bostic wanted to run over Jerry Jones

Forbath says he’s fully healthy, kicking well in practice
"After having a few solid days of no pain, that helps build confidence," Forbath said. "So I’m not even worried about the injury any more. We’re just moving forward and it’s gonna be like a regular week. …We’re putting in work just like we did before. It just feels normal again."

The Outsider: Reviewing the Redskins’ blitzes against Tony Romo and the Cowboys

RGIII 'not the same' QB, Cowboys' Brandon Carr says -
Robert Griffin III has been more effective than people think this year. But Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr recognizes that RGIII still is not the same player he was a year ago.

5 Keys to the Game: How to Beat the Cowboys? |

A look at the 5 things the Redskins have to do to beat the Cowboys this Sunday.

DeAngelo Hall can't get in Dez Bryant's head anymore - ESPN
"Of course. No doubt, no doubt, no doubt. No question, he did," Bryant said Wednesday. "I think I’m kind of past that and I think he thinks that, too. It’s a respect between me and him. Last game that we played, we didn’t say a word, as far as disrespect. It was more, ‘Let’s go. Let’s play.’ Basically competing against one another."

Friday Conversation: Perry Riley - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Washington Redskins linebacker Perry Riley has improved steadily in his two-plus years as a starter (he'll be making his 29th start Sunday), but he do

Why RG III praised Tony Romo last year - ESPN
First of all, I didn't think they would play that," Griffin said. "It was a part of a mic'd up session. To me, it was just showing respect to where it is due to a guy who has played at a high level for a long time and gets a bad rap in the media sometimes. And that was just me trying, as a player, not necessarily saying it out of context or anything like that, but just letting him know how a lot of players around the league feel about the way he's played his whole career

Jim Haslett encouraged by defense - NFC East Blog - ESPN
"We did much better in the run, we created turnovers, we did a better job rushing the passer," Haslett said. "We got better and better as we played, and as we get into what we do. We improved [dramatically] the last couple weeks."

The Redskins Blog | This One Time at a Magazine Shoot…

Defense Up For Challenge In Dallas
The Washington Redskins looked on as the Dallas Cowboys scored 48 points last week, but come into this pivotal Week 6 matchup brimming with confidence. Here's why:

Will Alfred Morris regain Redskins workhorse status against Cowboys? - Washington Times
"When you really look at it, we're behind on the scoreboard, so we have to pass more," Morris said. "I haven't had that many carries as I did last year. It's not that teams know who I am. They do know that, but at the same time, I'm not getting that many carries. As long as we win, I can't care less."

In His Third Season, Barry Cofield In The Middle Of It All | Redskins Journal
"Basically, when these guys voted me captain, I put a lot of pressure on myself from that point on, and that’s why it was never an option when I broke my hand to not be out there," Cofield said. "That’s a distinction that I take personally."

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys: 5 Questions - Washington Times
A suspect Washington defense's ability to contain Cowboys QB Tony Romo tops Brian McNally's list of questions heading into the Sunday-night showdown.

Fantasy Football Rankings after 5 Weeks |

Redskins know they'll have to bring heat on Tony Romo - Washington Times
"[Romo] gets such an unjust bad rap. The dude is a hell of a football player," Washington linebacker Ryan Kerrigan said. "That's why he got paid so much money this offseason. He's really good. If people want to blame him for that interception on Sunday — he threw for 500 yards and five touchdowns. He made one bad throw and it cost them."

Rapid Reaction: New York Giants - NFC East Blog - ESPN
The Giants are 0-6 for the first time since 1976, when they started 0-9.

Top 10 Quarterbacks whose last name has begun with the letter "M" |

A look at the top 10 quarterbacks in NFL history whose last name begins with the letter "M".