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Week 5 NFL Power Rankings- Skins Rise Slightly

A look at where the Redskins rank in power rankings from numerous sources.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation: 27th

-This may be a positive, SB Nation had absolutely nothing to say about the Redskins win over the Raiders on Sunday, or what that means for the season. While that stings a little, them not saying anything is better than criticizing something about the team.

Cincy Jungle: 24th

-The Cincinnati SB Nation site actually has the Redskins moving down a spot, I guess they weren't impressed with the win over a depleted Oakland team, that or they could still be shocked they lost to the Browns and a back-up QB and no rushing attack.

Blogging the Boys: 27th

-The Cowboys SB Nation site has the Redskins up three spots this week, and they compliment our defense for finally showing up. Overall their write up seems to knock their team more than us. I'll take it.

Phinsider: 27th

-The Dolphins SB Nation site has the Redskins up 3 as well. They focus on how using the bye week to get back in the playoff race with a win over Dallas. 23rd

-I have the Redskins moving up three spots and focusing on what the win means going into a bye week.

CBS Sports: 24th

-Pat Kirwin acknowledges the win, but he also makes it clear that more is needed out of them, especially since they won't face the Raiders every week. 25th

-ESPN has the Redskins up two spots, and takes a look at how running the football opened up some things in the passing game for the Redskins.

Fox Sports: 28th

-Brian Billick acknowledges he was wrong with his 0-4 prediction, but he does wonder if he would have been right with Pryor out there for the Raiders.

What do you think? Where should the Redskins rank? Should they have made bigger jumps up the board?