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Daily Slop: Morris Says Ribs a Little Tender; Redskins Awaiting Test Results on Logan Paulsen’s Knee Injury

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Daily Collection of Redskins News From Around the Web

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Need to Know: Shanahan says it’s too soon to judge NFC East | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
Here is what you need to know on this Tuesday, October 1, 12 days before the Redskins visit the Cowboys on Sunday night. Nickel coverage Five key quotes from Mike Shanahan’s Monday news conference: 1.

Top 5 Things the Redskins need to Fix during the Bye |

A look at the 5 areas the Redskins need to improve the most during the extra time off.

Redskins ‘Pretty Realistic’ About Outlook, But ‘Sky’s Not Falling’ " CBS DC
Give this much credit to the Washington Redskins: They realize their win over the Oakland Raiders didn't accomplish very much.

Brian Orakpo on Skins’ Week 5 Bye: ‘I Hate It’ " CBS DC
Brian Orakpo, in an interview with Jim Rome, talked about the emotional release he felt after getting a win, what it was like playing on a baseball field, and how much he hates the Redskins' early bye.

How The Redskins Grade Out After Win At Oakland " CBS DC
The Redskins offense found their best rhythm of the season on a drive where they switched to the hurry up offense after the Raiders took a 14-0 lead late in the first quarter. The Redskins appeared unstoppable during that drive but Griffin was flagged for intentional grounding which derailed everything.

Redskins awaiting test results on Logan Paulsen’s knee injury
"I don’t think you know about Logan until you actually have an MRI," Shanahan said. "But Logan felt pretty good [Sunday]. Sometimes that doesn’t mean anything. Guys can feel good and all of a sudden it’s not very positive. So we’ll keep our fingers crossed there."

Redskins’ special teams have ‘got to get better,’ Shanahan says
"We’ve got to get better," Shanahan said at Redskins Park. "We’ve got a lot of people playing different positions that they haven’t played there before, some young guys. You know, at the one position where we had the blocked punt, we had a new left wing there a couple of weeks in a row — not that that was the missed assignment.

Alfred Morris says his bruised ribs are ‘nothing serious’
"It was a little tender before at the start of the game," Morris said. "But it wasn’t nothing that I felt like would take me out of the game so I was like, you know, whatever. I feel like when I fell on that play, it kind of was, like I said, icing on the cake. I had to come out. I said, ‘Yeah, this isn’t something I’m gonna walk off.’ "

The Outsider: A position-by-position look at how the defense performed against the Raiders
Mark Bullock has joined The Insider as our Outsider, where twice a week we’ll feature his insights. Here’s the second part of his review of the Redskins’ play against the Raiders.

The Outsider: A position-by-position look at how the offense performed against the Raiders

Redskins notes: Lots of work remains - NFC East Blog - ESPN
One win hasn’t changed the message Mike Shanahan has for the Washington Redskins as they enter the bye week. They have work to do.

Joe Theismann has harsh words on Giants - NFC East Blog - ESPN
"To be honest with you Mike, if you look at this football team over the three years you’re talking about, really the three years, even though they’ve won championships, they’re not that good a football team," Theismann said. "They’ve been inconsistent at the wide receiver position, whether it be by play or injury. The running back position has been suspect for quite a while, now you got guys putting the ball on the ground. Their defensive line has been hurt at times, and there’s been a great change there. And we know that their linebacking corps has been in flux, and their secondary has been average."

Washington Redskins RB Alfred Morris says ribs 'a little tender' - ESPN
ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris said X-rays showed he did not break any ribs, but he’s not sure when he’ll

Upon Further Review: Redskins Week 4 - NFC East Blog - ESPN
A review of four hot issues from the Washington Redskins' 24-14 win against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. Sudden change: After three weeks of Michae

Redskins blend optimism, realism as they enter bye week - Washington Times
"You've just got to focus on the job at hand," said Mike Shanahan, whose team will not play again until Oct. 13 against NFC East-leading Dallas. "Once you get too carried away, to me, that's when a team goes one way or another."

Big offensive numbers out, 'W' in for RG3 against Raiders - Washington Times
Griffin completed 18 of 31 passes for a season-low 227 yards and one touchdown, a 5-yard strike to wide receiver Pierre Garcon in the third quarter. But he didn't throw an interception and didn't lose a fumble, which was huge when you consider that his Raiders counterpart, Matt Flynn, turned the ball over three times.

Justin Tuck pledges to punch anyone in the mouth who turns on Tom Coughlin | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports
From Yahoo Sports: It's getting a bit feisty around the New York Giants. They are 0-4, and this talented but flawed team is starting to grasp for answers — and apparently are ready to resort to violence to prevent a mutiny. What? Yep. … Continue reading →

Nowhere to Look but Ahead for Winless Giants -
After four games they would rather forget, the Giants are left to focus on what safety Antrel Rolle called the 12-game season remaining.

Week 5 NFL Power Rankings |

Players on the Chopping Block to open up spots for Jackson and Jenkins |

A look at what players could be cut to get Rob Jackson and Jarvis Jenkins back on the active roster.