Will Chip Kelly's Offense Work in the NFL?


Rumors are swirling where Chip Kelly will end up. He's interviewing with the Eagles, Bills, and Browns and expects to make a final decision by this weekend. So, will his offense work in the NFL?

I was watching NFL Network and Charley Casserly was very adamant that it would not work. Here's his main reasons why, which I paraphrased:

  • "College defenses are very simplistic and don't have a lot of talent on them. NFL defenses are very complex and have a lot of talent on them."
  • "NFL defenses are just as fast as offense....the speed factor is lost."
  • "Oregon is known for their tempo. I don't know if he can get million dollar guys to practice at that tempo and convert that into an every down tempo."
  • "The wide side of the don't have that to work with in the NFL like you do in college."
  • "Pass college you only need a couple packages b/c you don't see a lot. The passing in this Oregon offense is very simplistic and will be easily defended."
  • "This Oregon offense is a change of pace offense in the NFL...not an every down offense."

Mike Lombardi chimed in later that he knows Chip Kelly and he will adjust to the NFL game. Either way, bad teams have bad personnel. The Bills, Eagles, and Browns all have horrid QBs and this is a pretty poor draft. What do I know though? I thought the Redskins had a 0% chance of winning more than 7 games.

That picture above sure does Spurrier written all over it though.