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Based on Recent Redskins History, Ravens Are Your 2013 Super Bowl Champions

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It's very odd given the Redskins porous seasons before 2012, but somehow the Redskins have a knack for beating the eventual Super Bowl champion in regular season play.


For Redskins fans, we know these stats all to well. Mike Shanahan led by Rex Grossman beat the 2011 Super Bowl winner Giants twice in 2011. In fact, it goes beyond that. The Redskins led by Norv Turner, Steve Spurrier, and Joe Gibbs, (sorry Zorn), all upset the eventual champ at one time.

The Ravens should have won that game at Gilette last year if Lee Evans could catch a ball or Billy Cundiff could hit hit a chip shot. And now the Pats don't have Gronk? Here's a more detailed list of the Redskins recent history:

Year Super Bowl Winner Game Recap
2013 Ravens? The Redskins beat the Ravens at Fedex Field 31-28 in overtime week 14.
2012 Giants Beat the Giants both games by a combined score of 51 to 24.
2011 Packers Beat the Packers 16-13 at Fedex Field.
2008 Giants Beat the Giants 22-10 on the road week 15.
2004 Patriots Steve Spurrier beat the was the Pats last loss before they went on that 20+ game win streak.
2003 Buccaneers Redskins won 40-10 week three as the Fun N' Gun was rolling.
2001 Ravens Redskins won 10-3 week seven at Fedex Field.

Of course, there are a few items of note:

  • The Falcons are still in the playoffs and they beat the Redskins at Fedex this year 24-17.
  • In the 2009 season (2010 Super Bowl), Suisham missed a chip shot FG to seal the game and Saints actually won this game in OT. Poor Jim Zorn.
  • In the 2008 season, Redskins lost to the eventual Super Bowl winning Steelers that year.
  • In the 2006 season, Redskins lost to the eventual Super Bowl winning Colts.

Who do you have winning the Super Bowl this year?