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Mercedes-Benz SuperGomes

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Dejon Gomes: 5 tackles, 1 INT, 1 PD

Well....our week of chatter this week, for once, went exactly as we said. When Meriweather went down we asked ourselves how much of a step down is that really from Gomes? We all agreed it was a push at best. Dejon Gomes was all over the field and proved to be the factor on defense. In fact, I'd argue Meriweather just lost his starting job.

The Saints were 7.5 point favorites. It's well known I'm a pessimist, deservingly so with how the Snyder era has gone, but we predicted this Redskins upset with 10 solid reasons why the Saints would struggle. Basically every single point listed was a major factor, but mostly this one:

Element of Playbook Surprise. How do the Saints gameplan for RGIII? The Redskins have not showed any of their cards...

I thought it was comical to hear the Saints earlier this week say Chase Daniel was simulating RGIII in practice and they had no QB rushes in practice "because they never showed that in preseason." Sean Payton would not have fallen for that. So, now that the Redskins offense is on film, how will it go from here on out? I'm going to celebrate this win before I think about that. Redskins are 1-0, baby.

Pierre Garcon's foot x-ray came back negative and he said he expects to play next week. Nick Sundberg, the long snapper, broke his arm but continued to play anyway. I guess we can all agree we were 100% wrong (for now) on the Cundiff signing and Cedric Griffin acquisition?

Photo of the day....former Redskin, Ryan Clark. Click the photo....

Robert Griffin III's first NFL touchdown: