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Sloppy Firsts: Washington Redskins vs. New Orleans Saints

We are just about thirteen hours until kickoff. Before we get to our first firsts, let's have some last thoughts.

The outcome of this game is not as open and shut as most would have you think. If I had my choice of when to play Drew Brees, it wouldn't be after he had a few weeks to get himself going. The Saints offense won't be in Week 15 form, because...well, that's impossible. Robert Griffin is going to look good--I don't think that is a bold prediction. Both teams will have opportunities to grab in this that department, New Orleans is VASTLY superior.

First Offensive Play (Redskins): Deep pass to Pierre Garcon or Leonard Hankerson.

First Touchdown: Robert Griffin run.

First Sack: Will Smith (who doesn't see this coming from a mile away?)

First Turnover: London Fletcher fumble recovery

(h/t Chris Pokorny)