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Hogs Haven Round Table: If You Can’t Be With the Roster You Love, Love the Roster You’re With

So we are back once again for another installment of Hogs Haven Round Table, this weeks question was a hot topic among us Hogs Haven writers the other day.

Every year, players you love, get cut, while players you aren't fully behind get retained. How hard is it for you, as a fan, to transition from supporting individual guys in their quest to make the team, to supporting the team as a whole, even though there are guys on it that you simply don't agree with?


If we're winning it's not hard at all. With Cooley, we all knew it was time for him to go, but not having a solid 2nd TE makes it hard...both on and off the field. At least Cooley entertained us and brought us hope the Redskins were turning the corner during these down years. Shanahan, and thus the fanbase, is taking a big leap of faith with Niles Paul. The media that has been at camp has said Paul is not Shannon Sharpe or anything close to it (yet). So, if the Redskins have another sub 7 win season, who will be that glue to keep us together? RGIII? I don't know....let's hope it's not a problem and we get some wins.


I didn't really find anyone that I got attached to this year like some in year's past. Camp had a very business like tone and there was no Chris Hogan AKA 7-11 you found yourself rooting for to make the team. I think this means we're actually growing a winner here. With that being said, Tim Hightower was a surprise, even though I think he may be back. It's tough to lose good guys, but people do realize that this is a business.


For me it can be difficult and frustrating at times seeing how our roster is constructed. At the end of the day I want the best 53 man roster that can be successful not just for the short term, but long term as well. I put a lot of time and energy into learning as much about these players as possible, so when I see moves being made that don't make sense, it takes awhile for me to accept them. What gets really frustrating is how over the last few years, it's obvious that many of their roster decisions didn't pan out correctly. As stubborn as I can be though I do hope that the team and that particular player will prove me wrong, and show why they deserve a roster spot over someone else.


To be honest, for me it's rather easy to move on even if it's a player that I have supported making the team or a long tenured player. I may have an opinion on the team that some may listen to, but in the end, I don't make any of the decisions and the only thing a fan can really do is support the moves/choices the franchise makes even if we disagree with them. As fans in the world, everyone has to stop and realize that you cheer for the jersey, not the name on the back of it.


People won't be shocked to learn that I can flip the switch pretty easily when it comes to throwing my heart behind whatever roster the coaches pull together. It has not always been easy though. Looking back at the depth chart that Spurrier took into the regular season that year with Danny Wuerffel...that was a real tester. We all take turns second-guessing the decisions made by people like Mike Shanahan, but I think we all realize that guys in his position are trying to do the best they can to help themselves be winning coaches. It doesn't hurt that at this time of year, everyone is tied for first place. It isn't until halfway through the season when we begin screaming at the top of our lungs: "THAT'S WHY YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE CUT CHRIS COOLEY!!!!!"